Mono Apartments | Stockholm

Mono Apartments | Stockholm

Södermalm is one of Stockholm's trendiest districts, with many cool bars, hip restaurants and busy pubic spaces. Local architects Koncept Stockholm, and interior designers Note Design Studio have created a modern housing concept for the Mono Apartments development, which is located at the heart of 'Söder'. This was an interesting, joint creative process that brought together the separate design elements into a unified whole. 

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The overarching design concept of the Mono Apartments has perhaps a more Continental than a Scandinavian feel to it. All features and solutions are tailor made, from the choice of wood as well as everything down to each individual door handle has been selected to suit its purpose.

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"This building is a positive contribution to urban densification. One of the challenges has been to make the interior solution as sustainable and captivating as the innovative façade and to collaborate with others on an integrated building with a distinct character." - Daniel Hecksher, Interior Architect & Partner - Note Design Studio. 

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The area of Södermalm where Mono is located is characterised by its impressive industrial, modernist architecture. Mono is firmly planted in the surrounding urban, industrial landscape. It has a Scandinavian feel in terms of functionality while playful solutions and colourful details gives it a continental touch.

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Mono packs function, quality and atmosphere into every square metre. The designers at Note design studio have endeavoured to add a contemporary hotel ambiance through inviting corridors and plenty of communal spaces for social interaction.

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Photographs by Henrik Nero
Forager & Chef - Niki Sjölund

Forager & Chef - Niki Sjölund

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