Braenne Interior

Braenne Interior

“Interior design is so much more than furniture and trends. It’s about waking up every day in a place you love. A place where you can surround yourself with things that are most precious to you. That tells your story. “




What does Brænne Interior do?

Brænne Interior started as an idea about helping each client to customize their home after their individual needs. I wanted to be a hands on-consultant that could combine practical solutions and aesthetics. I do everything from project management during renovations, to shopping directly for clients and styling their home. 


How was the company founded?

The company was founded in July 2017 by me, Gøril Brænne. A local of Trondheim, Norway. I’ve always had a passion for decorating, interior design and architecture, so after I decided to live my life doing something I love, I started taking courses connected to interior design, got a job in a fantastic Danish furniture design company. I also got a job as an interior consultant and stylist with an agency in Stavanger, Norway.

Some days as a consultant I was in and out of six different houses and I was growing tired of seeing the lack of personal style, plus I’ve always loved connecting with people and taking a part of their dream. Having a job in a furniture store allowed me to get close and personal with people from all phases in life, and I got a good idea of what people really wanted.


How would you describe your typical client?

My clients are typically home owners that have decided to build their dream house, but for the most part, my projects come from home owners that have lived in their house for a long time, and just never seem to be happy with the solutions in their home. They often have a partial idea of how they want their home to look, but it can be difficult to be objective in the process.

Interior design has been a huge interest for Norwegians the later years. We spend so much time in our houses because of the climate, that it’s only natural to want our surroundings to be comfortable and beautiful.







What brands do you mainly work with?

I usually work with Nordic brands, like Bolia, Bloomingville, Hübch and Menu. I love the natural Scandinavian look with beautiful materials like oak, stone and marble. It never goes out of style.


What are some of your most common requests?

The most common requests are colour- and material palettes that gives the house a more complete and connected feel to it. It can be easy to see things that you like, but how to combine it all can be a tricky process.


What is the typical Norwegian style of decorating?

The typical Norwegian style can be described as warm minimalistic with natural materials, but we also see more and more urban city style with a lot of contrast between materials and darker wall colours. There’s been a boom in modern housebuilding. The funkis-style is huge in the Norwegian house marked right now with a combination of modern and old, wood and steel, straight lines integrated in nature.


What are some of the weirdest requests you’ve had?

Maybe not the weirdest, but I certainly feel like an unnecessary one, is having an outside pool in mid-Norway. The climate here is too cold most time of the year, and though it is regarded as the ultimate luxury, it’s just a huge waste of space and money.  

I guess the weirdest requests are from those clients who just want me to style their home according to all the latest trends. Meaning they just want what is most popular, and what they think could impress their friends. I’ve been in homes that the owners don’t want anything personal to be on display. No family pictures or art done by their kids. People often confuse minimalism with completely sterile rooms.




What has been your favourite project up to date?

My absolute favourite project is one I had working in the South-West of Norway. Great clients who had the most beautiful lot by the water. Architecturally drawn modern house. They had ripped out their entire living room and dining room and wanted assistance with the colour palette and furnishing. They had chosen all integrated solutions for their electronics and multimedia, and the materials and furniture they chose worked so well together. Broad light wooden flooring, lots of contrast with industrial materials. The minimalistic look combined with their palette and gorgeous view of the water and woods, was just magical. The mix with the clients taste and openness to trying new things was the reason why I loved this project so much.  


And your favourite client?

My favourite clients must be the ones that has an open mind and wants me to think outside the box.

Some clients can really be feeling the pressure with house renovation and are so stressed to make everything perfect that affects their every day lives. I always see a clear difference between people that hire consultants, and those who don’t. A good consultant should be able to really listen to their clients concerns and let the home owners breathe easy during the process as stressful as a renovation or building a new house.


What are the current Norwegian trends?

The latter years we have seen a lot of white-pigmented wood, marble, and wool textile. Brass and copper have too. Currently the wood has gotten darker and more natural in colour, marble is still hot, but stone and concrete are a real big hit as well as iron. Velour has really taken of and is real popular right now. When it comes to colour trends, Norwegians have gotten a lot riskier than before. The classic grey contrast wall that was so popular, is now either a deep dark blue or a dusty green or peach. Clients I visit now are more invested in having a cosy home with personal items than just the standard furniture for practical reasons.




What are your top Norwegian spots?

My favourite spots… I absolutely love being in the Norwegian nature. It allows me to reconnect with myself and log off from the stress of ring tones and e-mails. I love that we have four seasons that inspire me like nothing else.  

So, my favourite spots include our old family cabin on the south-east coast of Hvaler, by the Swedish boarder.

I live on the far west side of Trondheim, called Byneset. It’s on the countryside, by the fjord. I walk down to the water every day with my dog. With the seasons changing, the colours and scenery is so inspirational day by day. It plays a huge role in my work with materials and use of colour.

I’ve always liked the more solitary places rather than the city, but London has recently become a bit of a favourite.


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