Sunflower House

Sunflower House

A Spanish villa is not a typical feature for Nordique, however this Nordic-inspired property is a beautiful exception. Located on the cliff tops of the Costa Brava, close to El Port de la Selva, this is a unique and stunning property. The clear Scandinavian influence of minimalism, simplicity, natural light and clean lines are all on show here. The decor is also Nordic-inspired and beautifully complements the style of the property. 


From the outside, the stylish geometrical design can be seen, with the white cues slotting together in a beautiful collaboration. 


Given its location on the Mediterranean Sea, the house gets plenty of sunlight. The structure of the property is designed to maximise the efficient use of sunlight - both in lighting the rooms, and in proving heating in the winter months. The shape of the property acts like a giant sunflower, with sunlight radiating into the living room, and circulating through the adjoining rooms. This is a key design principle that the architects have applied - from the interior the experience of the house is one of continuity: of unbroken spaces and seamless movement between the rooms.


The enormous, floor to ceiling windows offer incredible views of the coastline, while still managing to maintain a feeling of calm and seclusion. 


The central staircase creates a beautiful centrepiece in the main living area, creating a flow between the storeys of the house. The poured concrete floor, offset by rattan rugs, creates a modern style that mirrors the exterior of the property. 


What a spot to enjoy a morning coffee and a spot of quiet contemplation!


Rooms on the top floor have access to the rooftop balconies, allowing full exposure to the stunning views throughout the property. 


A cluster of 10 cubes that are each oriented towards a different viewpoint creates the beautiful exterior of this house. 

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Photos: © Sandra Pereznieto.


Braenne Interior

Braenne Interior

Photographer Isabella Ståhl

Photographer Isabella Ståhl