Flowers Bar STHLM

Flowers Bar STHLM

This week we have had a chat to Liza Myachina, the founder of the online platform Flowers Bar STHLM. Where she focuses on seasonal flowers to enhance the natural beauty that they bring - think of wild meadows, coastal walks and fresh, vibrant colours. With love for unusual textures and unusual looking flowers, different foliages and berries, Flower Bar STHLM certainly inspire and gives us insight of the current trends! 


Tell us a bit about yourself and the story behind Flowers Bar Stockholm:

Liza: "I was originally born and raised in the northern part of Russia, where nature dictates the lifestyle of all inhabitants. Even though the temperatures can be extreme, the landscapes are spectacular and it is impossible to not fall in love with this beautiful country. The summers are really short in Siberia and I love the moment when the first leaves comes out, or when the first flowers starting to bloom, it is so special to me! I think these moments have given me such a great inspiration. I was always drawn to these events and eventually I went to study flower design on the amazing flower schools "Moscow Flower School" and "Bows&Arrows" to fulfil my love for flowers. But never did I imagine that I would be working with flowers on a daily basis!


"I went to study flower design on the amazing flower school "Moscow Flower School" and "Bows&Arrows". I moved to Stockholm in 2012 and then started Flowers Bar STHLM in November 2016. We do both home deliveries as well as decoration for weddings and events. I always strive to push the boundaries, and not to stick to one particular style with flowers. To keep in mind the way nature is, ever changing and never the same! I love to experiment with my creative side, and thankfully with the enormous amount of different blooms and plants, I don't think i will ever run out of inspiration!  

I always try keep waste to an absolute minimum and use technology rather than an old fashioned approach. Flowers Bar STHLM is more of a digital studio, we don't have a traditional walk in store and promote our services online through Instagram mainly.  This helps me to control what flowers I need to order, and therefore I can reduce the waste to minimum."


What should our readers think of when decorating with flowers at home? Any tips to create a great flower arrangement? 

"When starting with a new arrangement I always keep in mind four things: shape, space, colour and texture. Shape can be anything, here you just have to let your creativity go wild! Try to put in flowers in layers and in different heights, so that each bloom has it's own space to shine. By doing that your arrangement won't look too stiff and be more airy and natural. In terms of colour, the inspiration can be found everywhere, your own apartment, a painting, a movie or a favourite dress, just keep your eyes open. Texture is very important if you want your arrangement to look interesting and stylish. Use flowers with different petals, or add several types of foliage. And most important, don't bound yourself with strict rules, have fun!"


What are your absolute favourite flowers to use and why?

"I think I would have to say carnations, they are the best! It is very strong, and no other flower tends to last that long. They have so many colour varieties, and you can open them up to be in different sizes! A little tip, if you have carnations which looks closed and quite small, just carefully push the petals down and it will open up beautifully to a size of a rose!"


Can you see any particular trends at the moment?

"Yes - Flowers really got into fashion! Most of all the recent fashion shows have had flower themes embedded in some way or another! My biggest inspiration right now is the fashion brand Rodarte and their use of astonishing flower accessories!"


"I also think that the garden romantic flower design will never go out of style, however, I currently see a lot of florists collaborate with different brands with the move towards something more experimental and authentic. There are now so many more interesting textures, no unnecessary greenery, spray paint and vivid shapes going on! We florists are also artists,  and putting together some pretty blooms in a simple bouquet is not enough anymore."

See more of Liza's work at Flower Bar STHLM website: and Instagram: @flowersbar_sthlm
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