Mishi Minó Swimwear

Mishi Minó Swimwear

New Swedish swimwear brand Mishi Minó has certainly caught our eye, with their unique designs and a fit so perfect you can catch any wave coming your way with grace, but also for their amazing charity work helping Swedish charity 'The Perfect World' to save the elephants. Summer is about to hit it´s high, and Mishi Minó is offering all our amazing readers 20% off on anything in store with code "NORDIQUE20". Get your swimwear; look amazing whilst helping to save the elephants! Be sure to get yours before they run out, this collection is limited edition!

We've spoken to designer Michelle Silva.




Why did you decide to create Mishi Minó? 

Ever since I was a child I´ve been drawing and designing things and one day life took a turn that I was not expecting and I felt like I just had to give my dream a go.

How did you come up with the name? 

I´ve been called Mishi by my friends since I was a child, and the other half just came to my mind when designing one day.

What makes Mishi Minó stand out? 

I believe the design, fit and unique prints make the brand stand out, but also the care and love that is behind every piece in the making. The patterns are made from scratch, we did not just buy an already made pattern/design putting our logo on, we created each piece from scratch which makes the process a bit harder and more time consuming but leaving us with a unique product.




Where do you manufacture?

We chose to manufacture in Portugal, it took quite some time to find the right manufacturer and it was important for us to be able to visit the factory to know that it was a good working environment.

How would you describe the brand? 

MISHI MINÓ is a fusion between the perfect California cut bikini and the classic Brazilian fit with a touch of Scandinavian ”minimalism”. We believe that design, quality and fit goes and in hand and that is never to be compromised on.




Tell us about the prints? 

The prints are hand-painted and exclusively designed for Mishi Minó, giving our customers a “one of a kind” look.


Who is your typical customer?

Our typical customer is a person who likes to stand out from the crowd, someone that values uniqueness and quality and who dare to show some skin.  The good fit makes the brand attractive for active women, yogis or surfers for example who need their swimwear to stay in place in the waves.


Who would you love to see wear your designs?

Anyone wearing my designs is a blessing. Mishi Minó swimwear just launched and I haven´t spent any time on the beach yet but I can’t wait for the day to come where I run in to someone (that I don’t know) wearing my design.

What makes Scandinavian style special?

Scandinavian style is minimalistic and simple, yet outstanding. 

How have you incorporated Scandinavian style in your designs?

A lot of my inspiration comes from our beautiful landscapes and nature. Scandinavian nature is quite spectacular and daring. I also incorporated influences from Cape Verde islands, where my father is from.

Each style is named after strong and loving women (Anna, Tutti, Signe & Fanny) and the print´s after two Cape Verdian islands Sal (salt) and Fogo (fire).




Tell us about your collection “SALT”

The salt collection is our debut collection, all items are expertly handmade, limited edition and will never be mass produced so anyone purchasing our swimwear can be sure that they are wearing something unique that will make them stand out from the crowed.


The Salt campaign is beautiful, where is it shot?

Thank you so much! We shot the campaign in Sweden at Österlen at the beach and at a very beautiful spa called Ystad saltsjöbad. It was a Danish photographer called Jonas Jensen who took the amazing pictures of our collection and our model Eline Syrdalen is Norwegian, the whole team was Scandinavian! 

Tell us about your collaboration with The Perfect World? 

For every item sold from the Salt collection we will donate 1€ to help sponsor them in their important work to help save the elephant.



Of all the charities, why did you pick them? 

The perfect world is a Swedish non-profit organization established in 2010. They´ve been focusing a lot on the illegal wildlife trade and the poaching of elephants and rhinos and they have had good results with their work. There are many amazing charities out there but I’ve been following TPWF and their amazing work for quite a while and after a talking to Ragnhild Jacobsson the CEO and Co-Founder of a Perfect World Foundation it just felt right to pick them. They make it easy for artists and smaller companies to get involved and contribute with what they can, which I believe is very important. 


Why did you choose elephants?

We love all animals but we had to pick one foundation to sponsor and elephants have always been very close to my heart. When the Trump administration lifted the ban on importing body parts of elephants shot by trophy hunters, my heart like so many others just dropped. I just felt like the world was moving backwards and that something had to be done before it is to late. 

In Africa there is about 400.000 elephants left in the wild. Every 15 minuets an elephant is killed for its tusks and if this continues in 10 years there will hardly be any elephants left. 

Asia has estimated only 25-30,000 elephants left (Source: TPWF). If we don’t act now it´s going to be too late. 

What’s your motto? 

There is a Swedish quote " ingen kan göra allt men alla kan göra något" which translates "nobody can do everything but we can all do something" donating is one way to help support. 



What’s your favourite Swedish city?  

We have many beautiful cities but if I have to pick one I will have to say Malmö, the city where I´m born and raised. The centre of Malmö is quite small so it's easy to get around by foot or bike. It´s the ”city of green parks” surrounded by the sea and I love that nature is always present. Malmö and Copenhagen are connected by a bridge so in a way it almost feels like Copenhagen is an extension of our city and whenever being in need of a bigger city pulse it´s only a 20 minutes train ride.

Best time to visit Malmö in my opinion would be summertime. You have lots of free outside concerts and events going on all summer. Malmö is a very multi-cultural city where you find food, art, music etc. from all over the world.

But while visiting Sweden you’ll have to go see our beautiful capital Stockholm.


What are your future plans?

For the brand to grow and to be able to increase the size of the collections and different sizes available.



Designer Michelle Silva

Designer Michelle Silva

To get your swimwear, go to www.mishimino.com And don´t forget to use code "NORDIQUE20" for your 20% off anything in store! Follow on Instagram @mishimino_swimwear

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