Artist Mette Handberg

Artist Mette Handberg

Danish artist Mette Handberg creates art with her mind set on femininity, diversity, Nordic style and nature. Always in the creative works and studies, she studied at Polimoda in Florence and FIT in New York where she graduated as a Fashion Designer in 1996. After Mette´s graduation she worked as a Fashion Designer internationally at some of the major fashion houses and has since then lived in Florence, New York and Paris and she explains that her extensive international living experiences combined with her Danish background, continue to influence her designs and art.

“Im a fashion designer by education, and an artist by heart”.



Have you left fashion behind?

I frequently work as a freelance Fashion Designer, you can see some of my work at, however, my art takes up most of my time- having my web shop and retail shops to take care of as well.


Tell us more about your art inspirations?

Often I am inspired by nature, and by an ambition to make a feminine universe with a contemporary touch, showing my dedication to nature and its amazing shapes, colours and materials.

I enjoy designing with a timeless and Scandinavian feel to it- and to create a final product on high quality paper. 


Where do you get most of your attention from?

I am receiving a lot of attention from Denmark where I live and attend fairs and design shows, but I am also getting requests form abroad- both on my shop directly as well as retailers and bloggers.

For now we are represented in NYC, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland- and it looks like London soon too.


Can you tell us about the process of creating?

Being a Fashion Designer I always enjoyed working with colours, paying attention to details and to work with high quality materials. 

I like to use different methods and materials for my art and work both by hand and digital. Art should be complimenting yet contrasting I think. Not to clean and matchy.

My wish is to create beauty that is both timeless and contemporary.


Which artist of the past would you love to meet?

Many! Modigliani & Picasso could be two. And also Frida Kahlo.

In my studio.jpg


Is there any artist in particular that you admire?

Not one, but many. However, I tend to fall in love with a style or a look more than a particular artist.


How would you describe typical Danish design?

Simple, elegant and always with great functionality. Lately I find it has taken an approach towards soft and warm, however, still mixed with cool classics.

It’s less minimalistic and cool cleanness that dominates- even if it still is - and always will be part of the signature. 


Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 13.38.09.png


What Danish art galleries should we visit?

I love visiting 2 museums in Denmark that are both close by where I live: Arken & Louisiana.

Louisiana has a beautiful location in a smaller city/village by the sea-close to Copenhagen. Arken is all modern with great contrasts. Both have great expositions.

Otherwise I enjoy discovering small galleries in the cities when visiting. Like CPH, Berlin, Milano and NYC.


What is your greatest indulgence in life?

Again, many and of different kinds! Being self employed and able to live from my art is my dream. Travelling, visiting friends around the world. Wine, coffee and chocolate. Great food and spas. Those special moments with my children- (a tween and a teen boy) plus daddy. And many things Italian.



Where do you go and what do you do to relax?

I love and live with nature all around me. I lived close to nature growing up as well. However, I do love the city and get great inspiration and energy from it.

Relaxing for me is taking a walk in the woods with my 2 dogs, going to the sea side, drinking coffee in a coffee shop and wine in a wine bar, enjoy dinner with good friends.

Lovely music & laying in our “shady” hammock enjoying the amazing weather we are experiencing.

Reading my Kindle.

Dreaming about a big garden house- where I can extend summer and take my studio into! THAT would be heaven!



To see more of Mette´s work go to

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