Copenhagen Yoga Festival

Copenhagen Yoga Festival

If you´re planning a trip over to Denmark this summer, a good idea would be to time it with the yearly Copenhagen Yoga Festival.

The festival kicks off in August and is going for three days between the 24th-26th and offers several daily classes of yoga, inspirational talks, music and great 100% vegan food by the sea with easy access from both the airport and Copenhagen city centre.


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The event was founded in 2012 by Copenhagen based yoga teachers Mai Brøndsted and Stina Madelaire and it is now one of the very first and by far the largest yoga festival in Denmark. There will be around 60+ workshops, talks and concerts with local and international presenters and musicians, 50+ vendors on the market place and an expected 2500+ participants.


“The idea was to make yoga available to everyone and to unite different approaches to yoga and schools of yoga, showing that we really all want the same things, but there are many different ways in which these things can be achieved. It has also shown to be a good place to network with others in the "yoga business". “


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As the festival strive for people to get together, help build a community and to make yoga accessible to everybody, they´ve kept the price of the tickets to a minimum, offering tickets lower than any other similar festivals found around Europe to far.


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“We are all in it for the same reasons. It's not about business for the sake of business. It's only about business so that we can make the festival grow, expand our reach and keep inspiring each other, sharing and learning on and off the mat. The festival has been growing organically every year since the beginning and no big investment was made other than - of course - a lot of time and dedication by a very committed team of volunteers. “


The theme of the 2018 festival will be “The joy of having a body”, to show that yoga really is for Every Body and to motive people to focus less on how they look and more how they feel. A very important focus in today society.


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This year Copenhagen Yoga Festival has teamed up with he first ever vegetarian festival in Denmark, Copenhagen Veg Fest – to gradually move away from only focusing on yoga as an approach to conscious living to include more aspects, such as nutrition, environment, animal welfare and so on.

Therefore the food court is 100% vegan.


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Hurry up and get your early bird tickets, available until the 1st of July!

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