A Cactus & Coffee Fika in Stockholm!

A Cactus & Coffee Fika in Stockholm!

This week Nordique is thrilled to have got to know Filippa Persson, the owner of 'Krukor & Kaffe' (Swedish for 'Pots & Coffee'). This quirky little greenhouse café in Stockholm sells just that - plants and coffee! How about that for a Swedish fika with a twist!? 



Filippa: "I started 'Krukor & Kaffe' about 18 months ago. Before that, I studied fashion & sustainability at Stockholm University. After taking my graduate degree, I, like many other students, was unsure of what I actually wanted to do. Meanwhile, I studied a lot with my (very many) plants at home and drank lots of coffee, in the midst of all the anxieties about the future, my partner said "you should do something connected with this". That was the spark that I needed -  the dream has always been there. So what can you do with an interest in plants and coffee?  Krukor & Kaffe of course! It was just so obvious and from that point it was a couple of weeks and I was in the process of founding my very own coffee and plants shop!"

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"I have designed everything at the café myself, except for the logo, which my fiance Magnus did. I love all kind of aesthetic expression and working in colours and shapes. When it comes to my café I have built it with 100 percent heart and soul, so it very much represents me. I have made sure to make it with things I like, and that make me happy and comfortable."


"I would say that my own interior style both at the cafe and at home is what I would call bohemian minimalism. Nature and the environment lie close to my heart and therefore I have used lots of green plants, warm earthy colours, as well as sustainable materials too."

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"We only have green plants. I go through phases of the plants that I buy, and my preferences change with time. I do however have a real love for cacti! These little tiny plants that are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. These are also a customer favourite set that we sell, 'coffee + cactus'.  People come from all over town to buy this cute take away set and we have also noticed tourists visit us just for this reason."

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