Through the Nordic Scenery with Benny Byström

Through the Nordic Scenery with Benny Byström

This week we are getting to know the talented Swedish Photographer Benny Byström and how his journey as a freelance photographer started. Nordique loves the way he captures the Nordic landscapes, and here Benny have shared with us some of his favourite shoots from his travels. 

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"I would describe my imagery as melancholic, heavy-hearted and minimalistic. I try to capture greatness, smallness and everything in between."

Benny: "I’ve always been drawn to colour and shape but it wasn’t until a few years ago I fell in love with photography. I’ve been travelling around the Nordic countries and Europe shooting landscapes for the last two years and now I’m finally in the process of setting up my own freelance photography business.

I started out taking photos with my Iphone on holidays and later on I got somewhat fascinated with everyday sunsets and sunrises. When I a few years ago got my first compact camera, my interest for photography really took off, and has been strong ever since. I have a background in the fashion industry and I did one year at art school. I think those experiences helped me to feel more comfortable taking on a new interest and later a new craft. I’ve always been hesitant trying out photography thinking it was extensively connected to being technically skillful. Now I know that it’s more to it than that. In general I think it’s much more effective strengthen your stronger abilities rather than focusing on improving your less strong ones.

I would describe my imagery as melancholic, heavy-hearted and minimalistic. I try to capture greatness, smallness and everything in between. One thing that is characteristic for me is that I tend to pick up my camera more often when it’s foggy, misty and cold rather than during hot summer days. Also, mountains and water are recurring elements in my photos, and it’s in those environments the taste of coffee is most enjoyable for me.

My photography interest has also made me go back and forth to the Swedish High Coast up in the north where I grew up, revisiting all the familiar places. Now with a camera in my hand. That has been so rewarding for me on so many levels.

Anyone looking at my work will discover I have a thing for stand-alone houses too, especially in environments of vast landscapes. They just keep on inspiring my to shoot. I’m not totally sure why but I’m certain it has something to do with how easily one can imagine the way of life in those homes.

My favourite areas to shoot have as of this point been Lofoten, (Norway) Westfjords, Iceland and remote parts of Swedish Lapland. Sarek National Park in Lapland is definitely a place I have to come back to. And there are obviously so many places I have yet to explore."


"The southernmost island of the Faroes Islands called Suðuroy during one of those classic blizzards."


"Minus ten degrees celsius (14 °F) and an ongoing blizzard in Stockholm, Sweden"


"This place is so special to me since I grew up just nearby. This massive crevice is located in the heart of Skuleskogen National Park in the High Coast of Sweden."


"One of my more memorable Reindeer encounters in the inland of the High Coast of Sweden."


"The famous black beach of Dyrholaey, South Iceland. One of those places you just have to go and experience for yourself."


"A classic stand-alone Lofoten cabin."


"My friend Karl is feeling rather small in comparison to this 800 meter (2624 feet) peak in Lofoten, Norway."


"My friend Karl enjoying the Lofoten archipelago."


"A common scene in Lofoten, Norway. The fish, normally cod, is dried by cold air and wind on wooden racks. This way of drying the fish is the world’s oldest known preservation method."


"On top of the world! That’s how it feels at least when being all alone up on the mountain “Mannen” in Lofoten, Norway and having the whole Atlantic Ocean open up in the west."


"The way to travel in Lofoten. It’s hard not to stop everywhere to snap a few photos"".


"Up on mountain Ryten."


"Having a bonfire with friends under the Northern Lights was one of the highlights on my most recent trip to Lofoten, Norway. "


"Mountain called Ryten is one of the most windy locations I’ve ever set my foot on. Ryten overlooks the beautiful Kvalvika beach, a popular place for arctic camping."

Instagram: @bennybystrom
Self-portrait of Benny photographed by Mika Aberra
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