Roaming Sweden with Viggo Lundberg

Roaming Sweden with Viggo Lundberg

This week Nordique is delighted to profile the hugely talented photographer Viggo Lundberg from Sweden. Viggo lives in Stockholm and works full time as a firefighter. But also finds the time to take some awe-inspiring photos of the stunning Swedish landscapes.  

Viggo: "I love being in the woods and the great outdoors. Many of my pictures are taken more or less outside of the door, either in southern Stockholm or around Kinnekulle where I grew up. The best thing about Sweden is that it is never a long way to nature and that there is still a lot of untouched wilderness. I've always enjoyed camping outdoors and seeking adventures, and nothing beats cooking over a campfire."

Sweden has a rich history of fairy stories that are set in and built up on the beautiful natural surroundings. Viggo grew up and was inspired by the fairytale worlds of Astrid Lindgren, Jenny Nyström and Elsa Beskow - adding a feeling of mystery and magic to nature. 

Viggo: "I have been interested in documentary narration and photography in different ways ever since I was a child. When I was younger I often went around with a camera but I kind of lost the habit as I grew up. But when I became a dad three years ago, the camera came back when I wanted to capture the key moments as my daughter grows up. So my camera travels with me most places again!"


Just a few minutes away from the city of Stockholm, the archipelago begins. With nearly 30,000 islands, each has its own character. Rugged nature blends with wooded islands, rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. 


It is hard to believe there are places like this barely 10 minutes from the capital of Sweden!


"First day of spring. My daughter is enjoying throwing stones in the water at Kinnekulle."


"A perfect little island to camp, with your own jetty. I won't tell you where in the Stockholm archipelago this gem lies though...."


"Really cold winters result in thick ice all over Lake Vänern. Today, only around fifty fishermen are left working in what is the EU's largest lake."


"I grew up in a house like this one - a typical Swedish red and white cottage. Perhaps that's why I am always drawn to them."


"In the past even before I was born, when the quarry at Kinnekulle was active, it would have resembled the mines of Mordor with dust, noise, dynamite and machines. Nowadays it's a scenic place. This day the ice and meltwater had formed patterns that made it look like sea waves." Hällekis lime fracture, Kinnekulle.


"This squirrel is the reason why me and my daughter are always late to pre-school!"


"Bornsjön is one of my favourite places. Here the nature, culture and tranquility are just a stone's throw from the city. Highland cows graze in a garden where I usually drink my coffee." Bornholm, Stockholm.


"I'm not religious, but this place makes one want to go to church." Salem Church, Stockholm.


"The last ice for the season, as the commuter ferry cuts through it."  Stockholm city.


"Such a perfect, crispy winter morning." Bornholm, Stockholm


Fullösa church, Kinnekulle


"The mountains are calling!" Sylarna, Jämtlandsfjällen.


See more of Viggo's inspiring photographs at: @viggo_lundberg
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