Inspired by Nature - Carolinne B Jewelry

Inspired by Nature - Carolinne B Jewelry

In 2015 designer and jewellery-smith Carolinne Barholm launched her own jewellery line, Carolinne B, and it did not take long to get her name established on the market.

Without exception, every single piece in Carolinne B´s collection is handcrafted in Stockholm. The designs fuse beautiful clean lines together with edgy details that are inspired by nature, with a hint of femininity. 

As is clearly shown in her collection, Carolinne has a strong passion for the natural world, and puts a lot of effort in to sustainable and ethical sourcing of materials, making sure she looks after our nature wherever possible. Needless to say, with the highest quality of materials, her pieces are made to last.

Not long after the official launch, her unique designs got snapped up by a range of celebrities, including Brazilian supermodel Luma Grothe, American dancer Ashley Everett and Swedish blogger Elsa Ekman, to mention a few, but they are not the only ones in love!




Tell us about the beginning of Carolinne B Jewelry.

"I have always enjoyed creating my own jewellery and so everything started out really as a hobby. Initially I was just making jewellery for myself, which I loved wearing and it made me happy to wear something that I had designed. It developed from their into making bespoke pieces for my family and friends, before things started to take off! Suddenly I was making jewellery for a Victoria's Secret model, Miriam Bryant, and Beyonce's choreographer Ashley Everett!

It was a huge learning curve in the beginning. I never lost the love of creating pieces that I  then got to wear. I tried very hard to follow my intuition about what made me happy, and that’s how the collections and pieces started to fall into place."


Where did you train to become a jewellery smith?

"My main studies and training in metalwork and silversmithing was done  through countless hours of self taught work in my studio. I developed my skills here in Stockholm, with a course at Folkuniversitetet. That's where I learned to work with the fundamentals of metalwork such as filing, sawing, soldering and moulding."




How many collections do you release each year?

"I never have, and I never will, follow the “regular” season collections. I try to make timeless pieces and collections that last year after year. I don’t want to release the regular four season collection on a cycle. I do release new pieces and have collections every year, but they are not controlled by seasons. They are more controlled by time (my children) and what my heart is feeling for!"


You seem to have a special love for animals and nature. Is that what inspires your designs?

"OH YES!! My jewellery is triggered and inspired by nature. There are so many details in the animal kingdom. From the smallest insect to the pattern on a crocodile, everything is so inspiring. The smell of the ocean, the stillness of a deep forest, blueberry picking in the wild... the list goes on. There is a place in nature where everybody feels that they belong.

We have a small cabin in the middle of the Swedish forests where you can’t get any mobile phone connection. It's a wonderful place to relax and to escape from modern life's stresses. I spend a lot of time with screens, but I think the more technology we bring into our lives, the more we need nature as a balancing agent. Nobody wants to be in the last generation where it's considered normal for kids to go outdoors. I keep my nature - inspired pieces as reminders of the real world and what is truly important."


Buy the Elephant Necklace Here


We know that all your designs are handmade in Stockholm, do you have a team working with you?  

"Seasonally yes, I get some help. My sister is a big part of the company and helps me out a lot.  But I do a lot of the pieces myself."


Can you tell us a bit about the process of making jewellery?

"The beginning is always the hardest but also in many ways the most fun. I have created countless pieces that look like crap. Very often, in the studio, I’m asking what the hell am I doing? What is this? 

But I think the hardest part of the process is just persisting through it. It’s extremely difficult, but when there is something you have so much passion for, you endure it. The hardest part is taking the first step into something new."


Where do you source your material?

"I use recycled silver and gold but also buy new gold from Norway. Sustainability and ethical sourcing has always been very important for me and is the core of Carolinne B Jewelry. I’ve learnt so much in these past few years about how to make things in a more sustainable way.

The fashion and jewellery industries are some of the largest polluters in the world. So as someone who cares deeply for the environment, I have actually been mentally struggling with the idea of putting more products into the world. But the idea is to change the industry from within. I don´t think you can stop people from buying jewelry and clothes so if you can change the way people buy clothes and jewelry and how they are made, then that’s a positive impact."



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Who is your typical customer?

"It’s a conscious person that loves edgy details, who would really care about the environment. A person that would rather buy one piece made in high quality materials that will last year after year, than a throw-away piece.

It's important that my designs speak to the individual customer and help them accentuate their personal style, and I want them to feel good when they put on Carolinne B Jewelry."



Do you have many customers internationally or is your main market in Sweden?

"I have my main customer base here in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Sweden has been my main focus and it’s where my retailers are located. I also think that people from the Nordic countries are very conscious about the value of workmanship and handcrafted items.

We also sell worldwide, with Australia, France and Germany on top of the list. I have a lot to thank social media for that!"


“Carolinne B Jewelry is the embodiment of a love for the beautiful things in life, the wonder of everything around us,- the endless magic of the inspiring world in which we live.”


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