Swedish influencer Noelle

Swedish influencer Noelle

Noelle is a Swedish blogger and influencer from the small town Karlstad in Sweden. She relocated to London in 2010, but have quite an international lifestyle, she also has Vietnamese, Dutch and German roots and prior to moving to the UK she has lived in Oslo and Dubai.


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Hey Noelle! What are you up to in London?

I’m currently freelancing and work as an influencer and blogger


Do you have plans on moving back to Sweden?

It’s definitely on my mind but not just yet! 

Can you tell us a bit about your blog?

I started my blog about 2 years ago to simply share what I do and like with friends and family, and it somehow grew to something much bigger.

It’s now a Scandi lifestyle blog with a focus on style, travel, lots of food and the occasional more personal post about mental health and relationships. I want to create a little community where we can chat about absolutely everything. I’m also looking to film more videos on my YouTube channel where I chat a little more about my journey through 4 different cities and countries, what it was like working as cabin crew and also to give tutorials!




You chopped your hair off for charity, amazing! How did that happen?

I know! It was a quite an emotional experience for me. I had a bob haircut in my teens but ever since then have always had pretty long hair and was basically known as “Noelle with the long hair”.

Cutting it all off was liberating!

A friend donated her hair a few weeks before I decided to donate mine and she recommended I’d check out The Little Princess Trust. LPT provides real hair wigs for free to children across the UK and Ireland that has sadly lost their hair due to cancer treatment or other illnesses.

My London hairdresser Nadia Jönning (who’s also Swedish) jumped at the chance to finally be able to chop it all off, haha!

I remember waking up feeling nauseous and going to her salon with my little camera to film it all. The moment she cut through my ponytail and running my hands through my now short hair was the best ever.



Where do you like to shop?

Asos, The Outnet and High Street in Sweden


Do you have any Scandinavian hangouts in London?

Does IKEA count?



Where do we find you on a Saturday evening?

Either on my sofa with my flatmates with a Nutella jar each or at Curtain Club with my boyfriend having a little dance


What's for breakfast?

Porridge with cinnamon, chia seeds and almond milk or banana pancakes

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What is your favourite Swedish:




Glögg (Swedish mulled wine), but I can unfortunately only drink it during Christmas



Stockholm (sorry Karlstad)


Vitabergsparken, a park with the best view across Stockholm


My best friend, Mikaela



Cherrie. Swedish RnB at its best


& other stories


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To see more of Noelle visit her website at www.blogbynoelle.co.uk

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