Couture Dreams - Frida Jonsvens

Couture Dreams - Frida Jonsvens

Frida Jonsvens is a Swedish fashion designer from the beautiful little coastal town of Hudiksvall. A creative streak was very much in her upbringing:

"I grew up in an extremely creative and loving family. My mum is an artist and even sewed my clothes when I was little. And I sat expectantly next to her and wanted to do the same. So it did not take long for me to start sewing my own clothes."

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"I'm inspired by people who look for the positive aspects of things, even though their lives are tough. To see how people dare to aspire, to believe in themselves and invest in their dream, even if the odds are against them. It inspires me enormously."

Frida has taken on those creative early memories and developed them into a beautiful couture dress-making business, based in Stockholm. Her beautiful dresses are inspired by her upbringing, and she seeks to draw on this to bring unique creations to her customers:

"All creations are designed and sewed carefully in my little studio at Lidingö. All steps from sketch to finished product. For me, every customer is unique and special - I love to work with people who wish to stand out from the crowd, to bend norms and rules. A key message of my approach to design is that there is nothing right and wrong, and that each person is unique."

"A personal favourite of mine is designing bespoke wedding dresses. Right now I'm in full swing with this year's wedding season. There's obviously a lot of pressure in producing something that is so important for a future bride, but I love the close and personal collaboration that is possible in the design process."

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