EVERCLASSIC - Scandinavian Vintage Designs

EVERCLASSIC - Scandinavian Vintage Designs

Nordique recently discovered the amazing online marketplace EVERCLASSIC who sells beautiful Scandinavian vintage furniture, art, ceramic and other design phenomenons of high quality, inspired by the Scandinavian forest.

The store was founded three years ago by Rasmus Warnke Nørregaard and Jacob Kam who both have a strong knowledge, understanding and an honest passion for vintage designs. Rasmus has been a part of the auction world for many years and is known for his passion for ceramics and classic furniture. He is a regular contributor to many lifestyle magazines and dailies and has been featured on several TV shows about vintage furniture and design.

Buying from EVERCLASSIS you can be certain that no replicas are ever accepted, as along with their expertise they also offer a Lifetime Authentication Guarantee on all items, giving you insurance that the items are all an original product.

And oh, they ship globally, so wherever you are, you can enjoy a touch of vintage Scandinavian design at its finest.


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Tell us about the idea behind EVERCLASSIC.

In the beginning, the platform was only geared towards the Danish market. We launched our international platform in January 2018. The idea was to create a platform where the global market could have easy access to shopping vintage items from local shops in Scandinavia. EVERCLASSIC picks up and ships the items to the buyer. Payment is made directly to EVERCLASSIC with 14 days return policy, authenticity guarantee, low-cost express shipping and 24/7 customer service.

At EVERCLASSIC, we are geeks in the areas of which we work. We know that value cannot only be set with a simple price tag. We know that most items usually have emotional value as well. Hence, a piece of furniture or a lamp must be presented properly so that the buyer - looking at the items online - is able to experience the full value through pictures and descriptions.


Where do you source your products?

We source our products from local vendors all over Scandinavia. We have a trustworthy and very personal relationship with all of our sellers. That makes you feel good about every sale :-) Every week we add new sellers to the site and new items are coming up for sale all the time.



What does Scandinavian design mean to you?

It means “hygge”, simplicity and quality. It makes you happy to be surrounded by craftsmanship. It is satisfying to work with Scandinavian design. You feel the precision and quality in the design. Even though much of the classic furniture was designed more than 50 years ago, it looks like something from the future. That is what characterizes excellent and durable design. Besides being beautiful, it is often a good investment as well.


What designs are the most popular at the moment? 

Ceramics are extremely popular at the moment. The demand has increased significantly these past few years, which also comes to show in the market prices. Especially Danish and Swedish pieces are in demand. Ceramic artists such as Saxbo, Gunnar Nylund and Kähler are some of the most popular ones. The key is to select 5-8 pieces and group them together on a table or credenza. That makes a great look.


See more ceramics here


What is the most unique item on your website?  

That would have to be our Fritz Hansen sofa set. It is absolutely amazing and definitely one of a kind. It takes up space, but it is almost majestic in its expression. We see a distinct trend in upholstered furniture right now, big furniture that reminds you of the 1930s-gentleman’s room. But I also love our one-of-a-kind ceramics. I am in love with ceramics.


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View the sofa set here


From where do you receive the majority of your sales?  

Right now we have many buyers from Paris and New York, although we have site visitors from around 45 different countries every month. But many interior designers in New York and Paris have now discovered our concept.


Did you ever find an item that you won’t ever sell?

Yes, that is my biggest problem. I would like to get everything for myself. We go through all items before they go up on the site, and I see everything that comes through.



See more furniture here


What is the most expensive item on your website?  

We have a lot of high-priced items at EVERCLASSIC, including some valuable Poul Henningsen lamps. They are from the beginning of his career as a lamp designer and only few were produced. The rarity raises the price point. That goes for many of the items that we sell at EVERCLASSIC. They are hard to find anywhere else.


Do you have a favourite designer?

It is difficult to choose one single designer, but Hans Wegner has always been very special to me. His way of thinking design was truly unique. All of his furniture is like small sculptures that look good from every angle. The shapes and his choices in materials were exquisite.



See more lamps here



“The Scandinavian forests are great places to get inspiration and come close to something that is natural and genuine. The same feeling can be obtained from the proud Danish furniture traditions. When craftmanship, esthetics and design work together the possibility to create something completely unique appears. “


Photo by: Maria Warnke Nørregaard

Photo by: Maria Warnke Nørregaard


Visit EVERCLASSIC at www.everclassic.com

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