The Danish Furniture Wonder - Bruunmunch

The Danish Furniture Wonder - Bruunmunch

There is no doubt that Danish design is now firmly on the map and here to stay. The beautiful collection of award-winning furniture brand Bruunmunch really shows just why. We love the elegant designs and classic Nordic touch, and we couldn’t be happier to introduce this amazing Danish brand to our readers.

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Two childhood friends Jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun founded the brand in 2008 in a backyard in Esbjerg, on Denmark's West Coast. Both skilled in carpentry and with a strong attention to detail, when the hunt for their perfect furniture couldn’t be met they took the matter into their own hands and decided to create their own product, and not long after, Bruunmunch was born.

Since the humble early roots, the brand has developed significantly. One thing that has stayed constant though is the production process, which hasn't changed since the creation of their first ever piece, the PLAYround sofa table.

They are also, in line with a modern Scandinavian approach, very environmentally aware. one of the key principles of the brand is the encouragement of conscious consumerism - in fact “less is the new more”, is the company motto.



The past seven years have been hard work. We started with a slightly naïve approach to craftsmanship, quality and the wishes of the consumers. Honestly, I do not believe that we would have endured these seven years of learning, if our friendship had not been rooted in our childhood." says co-founder Jacob Munch.
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Jacob and Henrik take great value in respecting Danish traditions and take pride in ensuring that off their products are manufactured in Denmark. All of their employere have many years experience of craftsmanship with wood, resulting in each product being made with immaculate quality from natural materials. To reflect the individuality and pride in each item, ever piece is specifically marked and numbered with a stainless steel badge - each being “made for life”.



All our collaborators and providers are only two hours away. We are able to drive there and witness the production - from timber factories in Lemvig, to Danish marble manufacturers in Vejle, to the finest Danish fabric in a family business in Ebeltoft. We can sense that this was the change that needed to take place. We were strong and solid before but everything has been optimised now, and we take great pride in the Danish thread that permeates it all. This is the Bruunmunch we have always dreamt of." says Jacob.


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