Bravur Watches

Bravur Watches

Swedish watch brand Bravur was founded in 2011 by industrial designers Magnus Äppelryd, and Johan Sahlin. After nearly two years of both brand and product development they launched their first collection in 2013. Magnus explains that one of their biggest challenges during the start was to find the right suppliers willing to work with a new and unknown brand that were unable to buy big quantities, and at the same time unwilling to compromise on the high quality they were looking for.

Today their unisex watches are being sold all across the world, including online at the highly reputable London based luxury retailer, Matches Fashion.

Nordique had the pleasure to have a chat with Magnus.




Tell us about the team!

We are a small and independent brand, run by myself and co-founder Johan Sahlin. For us it’s important to have a personal contact with our customers.


What's the idea behind the brand?

When we started we hade 3 main ideas:

1. Create a contemporary brand, communicating an urban fashionable lifestyle, rather than the macho jet set lifestyle that many of the established brands communicate. We simply couldn't identify with yachts, fighter airplanes and luxury cars. 

2. To create well-built watches, made of the finest materials and with an impeccable finish, but still at an accessible price point.

3. The most important idea we had wad to create a strong and unique design language, with evident design elements that are significant for Bravur.

Pretty much from the start we also had a dream to produce watches in Sweden. This idea has finally come one step closer to reality with the launch of BW003, being assembled and tested in Sweden, and with a case made from Swedish steel from Sandvik. 


BW003 assembling_5.JPG
BW003 assembling_9.JPG


What makes your brand unique?

I believe we have succeeded in creating watches with a unique identity, but still with a classic look. We often get positive feedback about is the finish and build quality, something we put down a lot of effort on. We want to offer watches that can be worn for a lifetime, meaning we choose the finest materials, resulting in watches with a quality and finish rarely seen on this price point.

Something quite unique is also our Swedish production.


How would you describe the style of your brand? 

I would say our design has a Scandinavian touch, but we are not true minimalists. We believe in finding a balance between a minimalistic appearance and unique and interesting details.

Our watches are created to be your everyday companion.


What countries do you get the biggest interest from, and why do you believe that is?

Around 70% of our sales are to the US, with UK and Japan being growing markets as well. So far we have definitively had the most interest outside Sweden. We really feel that being a Swedish brand is an advantage abroad, and that Sweden has a very good reputation and credibility, both when it comes to design but also quality. 


BW003 assembling_1.JPG


Where are your watches designed and made?

All our watches are designed in Sweden by myself and Johan, and every part of the watches (except the movements) are manufactured exclusively for us in small quantities. All watches so far (until the recent launch of model BW003) have been Swiss made, which of course is a quality mark for watches.

We have always had the ambition to use as much material and parts from Sweden as possible. Since there is no watch industry in Sweden this is a big challenge. Our latest model BW003 is built by hand and tested in Sweden, which is a major step for us. The case is also made from Swedish steel and we use vegetable tanned leather for the straps. This is the direction we the brand to develop in, and we hope to be able to produce parts in Sweden as well eventually.

However, we will continue to use Swiss made movements, since they offer the best quality, and also staying true to our motto: Swedish soul - Swiss heart.


Can you tell us about your latest addition?

Our latest model is the BW003, which is also our first automatic watch, crafted from Swedish steel from Sandvik. We have worked very hard to achieve a thin watch, and by making a convex case back and combining brushed and polished surfaces, it gets a very slim look. To even further reduce the thickness, the dial has a domed shape. The 39 mm case diameter makes the watch perfect for almost every occasion, a size that fits well for both women and men.

The watch features several of our signature design elements, like the fluting on the bezel, the  and the skeletonize hands. The domed sapphire crystal and the bi-colour dial design, gives the watch a vintage touch, but still with a contemporary look. 

BW003 is offered with a steel or a sapphire case back. With a sapphire case back you can enjoy the beauty of the Swiss made rhodium plated movement, featuring snail and perlage decoration.

The watch is available with a variety of vegetable tanned leather straps, made by leather from Swedish tannery Tärnsjö Garveri, and it comes in a functional leather case. Every watch is individually numbered and built by order in Båstad in Sweden. Before sending the watch to the customer our watchmaker signs a warranty certificate, ensuring the quality of the watch. 


Who is your typical customer?

It´s important for us to be a unisex brand and we never design gender specific watches. We have both female and male customers, even though the majority are male customers.

A lot of our customers work within a creative field, which fits well with our ambitions, but also a lot of customer work within finance. In general our customer live in a city and are interested in style and fashion, looking for alternative brands to express their personality. 


BW003 assembling_2.JPG
BW003 assembling_3.JPG


Is there anyone out there you would love to see wearing Bravur?

This is a very difficult question, but it would be nice to see our watches on style icons like David Gandy or Johannes Huebl. 


What's behind a high quality watch?

The movement is of course an important part, being the heart of the watch. A lot of people are drawn by mechanical movements (us included) but quartz watches definitively have a place as well, needing no maintenance, being very accurate and cost effective. I would go for a watch with a movement from one of the established manufacturers, like Sellita or ETA.

All our watches feature sapphire crystals, meaning they are practically scratch proof. It´s definitively worth the extra money to get a watch with a sapphire crystal, especially if you will wear it every day.

Besides that the finish and choice of materials affects the look and feeling of the watch quite a lot. 




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