A Taste of the Wilderness - North Wild Kitchen

A Taste of the Wilderness - North Wild Kitchen


Nevada Berg runs the beautiful site North Wild Kitchen, focusing on Norwegian local food recipes and stories. She lives with her family in the beautiful Norwegian mountains, in the centre of the country. It has been quite an unconventional journey for her to get here! Raised in Utah, with family roots across Colorado, the move from the United States to Scandinavia was inspired by her Norwegian husband. All of which after time spent in other countries, including the UK, Italy and Mozambique.  

"I've always had an affinity for being restless – so exploration and adventure was apparent. I was always trying to find a place which felt like home and yet no matter which continent I crossed or how exciting the place was, I only really ever felt at home in the mountains".

So the draw of the mountains brought Nevada and her family to the heart of Norway, where, in her own words "the mountains tower and a river storms itself through a winding valley". Nevada moved to the countryside and bought a farm - even before Nevada had even seen it in person! 


It is here, deep in the northern wilderness, that Nevada has discovered one of nature’s culinary banquets: 

"I picked my first wild blueberry. I salted and hung to dry my first sheep’s leg. I raised 19 chicks to provide a steady flow of fresh, free-range eggs. I picked, canned and froze far too many plums. And the list will only continue to grow as I search to learn, understand and create from the Norwegian table." 

Nevada is inspired by the stories and traditions passed down from generation to generation, and how they influence food - from simple soups and boiled meats, to smoked fish and even rustic farmhouse beer. Seasonal cooking, local ingredients, local artisans, and simple gatherings.


The farm where Nevada lives with her family is first mentioned in writing in 1651 and it bears the name Koto, which is believed to mean a ‘cabin’ or ‘small house’. She loves the old fashioned beauty and pace of life here: "A place of comfort. A sense of home. Where putting one’s feet up, rolling around in the lush fields, daydreaming away by the bank of the stream & getting lost in the slow moments make up the days."

The simple life of stunning nature, the great outdoors and seasonal, traditional, homely yet tasty food. The essence of the good life, and a good life that Nevada and her family are certainly living to the full!

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