Sustainable Icelandic skincare brand Angan

Sustainable Icelandic skincare brand Angan

Angan is a new sustainable Icelandic skincare brand that was recently founded by architect and nature lover Iris Laxdal, whose aim is to work with nature to create simple and effective products that help heal, care and scent the body. Each and every one of their products is handcrafted with the mind-set on making pure and natural skincare, built on using only the highest quality of high effective natural raw ingredients found in the beautiful Icelandic nature.

Angan is in collaboration with the sustainable Icelandic sea salt producer Saltverk located in the secluded Westfjords, who produces the mineral-rich sea salt with geothermal energy as the sole energy source, leaving zero carbon footprints on our beautiful environment. The mineral-rich sea salt is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium.


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For centuries people have been bathing in the Icelandic natural geothermal pools and the clean Arctic Ocean. Making the most out of what nature has to offer to cure and care for our health has been key to many, something that Angan has picked up on.


“After putting a question mark on the production ethos and synthetic ingredients found in larger skincare companies, we decided to start experimenting with natural botanicals and minerals from the surrounding Icelandic nature to create clean and safe skin care products. We believe that nature has the most powerful properties to take care of our skin. Our aim is to work with nature and create simple and effective products that help heal, care and scent the body.”


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How big is the team behind Angan?

We are now a little amazing team of three behind ANGAN. We manage everything inhouse at our studio - from crafting our formulas to packing, marketing, distribution, development, branding and sales. I'm surrounded by great people who help ANGAN get that little bit better at what we do every single day. Together, I know we can grow and do great things.

We all share the passion for self care to bring out the message that bathing and skincare rituals should be enjoyable - a way to carve out some much needed time in our busy schedule.


Where are your products mainly sold?

Our products are sold in design & concept stores. They are also sold in pharmacies that have a selection of natural and organic brands.


Who is your typical customer?

Our customer is an informed consumer, global-thinker and metropolitan shopper. They love a sense of discovery and story, are holistic minded and rely less on harsh synthetics and more on sustainably sourced plant based ingredients in their products. They want to indulge themselves with quality products and treat themselves.




ARCTIC THYME : Helps soothe irritated skin and relieves sore muscles. It has antiseptic, antifungal and antibiotic properties.

BIRCH : Draws excess fluid from the skin. Helps clear skin rashes & softens the skin.

SEAWEED : Helps detoxify and draws excess fluid and waste impurities from the skin. Decreases the appearance of fine lines by smoothing & moisturizing the skin.

ICELANDIC MOSS : It consists of algae and fungus growing together in a helpful relationship. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant & helps in smoothing the skin.


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Can you give us any tips on how to look after our skin except using the right products?

There are so many! Eat right food for being healthy from inside. What you eat reflects on your skin. Staying hydrated, water is the ultimate solution for all our problems. Sleep minimum 7 hours, move your body, breath, love yourself and do things that make you happy. Beauty reflects your inner self.

For my ritual - I fill the tub with hot water, turn down the lights, light a candle and immerse myself in salty water releasing any stress and tension. I inhale the wonderful scents from the collection and exhale any stress from the day. Calming my mind and body. At least once a week, create time for your ritual.


Do you have a favourite product from the range?

It is impossible to choose between them, I love them all!  - But right now I would say the salt scrub. In the winter time when the skin gets dry the Icelandic moss SALT SCRUB does a great job keeping my skin soft, firm and glowing.

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, tone up the skin tissues, encourages blood circulation and helps in skin renewal. It contains mineral-rich sea salt, Icelandic moss that is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and helps in smoothing the skin. Also high quality organic oils that give the skin unique softness and moisture with fresh citrus aromas that are purifying and cleansing.


Do you have any plans on extending the range?

I love playing in the studio with new formulas that will one day come to life. I am actively thinking and dreaming about new ingredients and formulas, sketching ideas in my book.

I don’t have any official dates right now but hopefully some new family members will join in 2018.



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The name ANGAN means scent “ the scent of Icelandic nature.”

The organic products are free from synthetic ingredients and all handmade in small batches in Iceland, knowing what goes into each and every bottle. The simple and stylish green bottles have been made to protect and prolong the freshness of the natural ingredients.


To see more of Angan visit their website at or follow them on Instagram @anganskincare

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