A Home in Gotland

A Home in Gotland

This beautiful home belongs to Linnéa Ahlsten Lundgren, a businesswoman who lives with her husband Roy and their children Lilly and Harry on the Swedish island of Gotland. Together with her best friend Sandra, Linnéa runs two companies; interior design store Ladan Hemse and clothing brand Papijjon Sweden. Nordique spoke with Linnéa about the influences behind the way she has decorated her stunning home.

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Our Guestroom also acts as an extra living room when my husband is watching the hockey in the main living room. The walls are painted in a lovely grey-green hue and the desk is a flea market find from the summer.

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Our house is a white painted stone house with Gotland blue windows and doors. The house is located in Burgsvik which is a small community in southern Gotland. Here it is really to live in the country, but at the same time it is a small community so we have walking distance to everything that is necessary - such as the school and grocery store. Everyone knows everyone and everyone is always happy. That's what makes this little village so beautiful!

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My husband is a builder by profession, so when we decided to build a house in the summer of 2008, he built other people's houses during the day and at our house in the evenings. We got building permits in the autumn of 2008 and then the building started. By summer 2009 we could move into our house., and by Christmas of that year it was finished. It was a fantastic experience to build our own house from scratch, but also extremely tiring!”

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When I was a child, I wanted to be an inventor. On many occasions I think the outlet for that nowadays is my creative streak. I love to be creative at home and always have at least one project in progress. I am often driven by a problem and love trying to solve it. I love the feeling of being able to make something myself. Because I like to combine old with new in my home, it is fantastic to be able to give old things a new meaning. To equip or to transform into something new. The process of creating is the very thing for me, the challenge to see if I will succeed.


I want the things I own and that are displayed in my home to have a value for me, on a personal level. Nature and perhaps above all the forest is my biggest source of inspiration. The forest is a favourite place of mine, where I feel calm and at home. My favourite colour is green and it will return a little everywhere here at home. If the walls are not green, there are guaranteed to be lots of branches that act as curtain rods or clothes hangers and a lot of green plants. Nature offers so much beautiful material that is free and unique. I'm probably trying to make myself out there, with these designs

“I also take a lot of inspiration from French architecture and interior design. I love for example the details of quirky cast iron balconies and the use of dark furniture. Shopping at a flea market is something I really like to do, especially for furniture. There you can find unique things with personality. But I also have the privilege to buy beautiful things for the business. It is great to create a unique range, based on my personal preferences.

My home is really a mix of old and new, with a little Parisian feel with dark furniture, tiled walls. and antique details. I don’t really have a particular special style, but I mix several different approaches. I think the most important thing in a home is that it should feel homely and warm - I certainly try to achieve that with the decoration that we use in our house.”

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“My favourite DIY creations are probably those where I have managed to do something out of nothing. Like the clothes hanger in the bedroom, which is simply a stick hanging from the ceiling. Or when I sewed a quilt out of my grandmother's old sun-bleached linen curtains. They could just as well have ended up on the tip, but then they turned into beautiful upcycled creations! I love to share ideas on my blog, and it has really been amazing to see the happiness that people can get when they manage to achieve something so nice themselves. I want to say that is the best thing about home creations and DIY - the feeling one gets from achieving something all by yourself!

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In the hall is one of my favourite pieces of furniture here at home; the flea market-found dark stick sofa. And the wallpaper from ‘Boråstapeter has my favourite colours, pink and green.

Two of my other favourites are in the bedroom; the vintage mirror that I received from my family and the blue table that comes from my grandmother's childhood home.”

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In the children’s room, half the room is wallpapered and half is painted with lime-green paint. I love the snug feeling that the wallpaper gives and that it is floral without being too juvenile. In here, both a little girl and a little boy live and it feels like it suits both of them. Here, many different DIY projects an home creations come together - the dolls house, the flower lamp, an old teak cabinet that has become a leak cabinet, slate board that made the carpenter's work. It’s lovely to have all of those items in my childrens’ room!


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