Interior design with Janniche from Blogga i Bagis

Interior design with Janniche from Blogga i Bagis

Norwegian Janniche Kristoffersen runs the gorgeous interior design blog, Blogga i Bagis, sharing pictures and design projects from her townhouse in Bagarmossen, a suburb south of Stockholm, Sweden, where she now lives with her husband and young daughter. Janniche moved to Stockholm with her family when she was 5 years old, and when her family later on decided to move back to Norway, Janniche made the decision to stay, and has since had different apartments in the city before moving to the suburb when her daughter Rio was born.


Is interior design your fulltime job or hobby?

It's my hobby but I do some collaboration work through Instagram. My full time work is as a UX designer where I design a digital healthcare app. I love my job and wouldn't want to leave. I have a creative job and I guess that’s why I "work" with interior design as well. I love to use our home as a studio, creating inspiring environments and to work with the camera. When the light is good I can't help myself to want to take a picture, and to my luck my husband Johan is a photographer and he helps me out. I've learned a lot about photography the last couple of years. I always strive for that perfect shot, and that’s why I use Instagram I guess. To share these photos, connect with other people and brands all over the world.

What does Blogga i Bagis mean and how did you come up with that name?

Actually, the name comes from my former blog which was called Blogga i Berlin (meaning: Blogging in Berlin). Johan and me used to have our own apartment in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin a couple of years before we had kids. We went there every other weekend, getting to know Berlin and seeing all of it. The art, culture, concerts, clubs and just hanging out at nice cafés and eating great food. I really miss those times, and I can't believe we got rid of that apartment... It would be perfect to go with the kids now. Anyway, my current Instagram name is Blogga i Bagis. Bagarmossen, the suburb where we live is called "Bagis" and that’s why I thought it would be fun to have Blogging in Bagis as a tribute to my former (not so known) Berlin blog.

Tell us about your home.

We moved into our house in 2012. It's a townhouse built in the 50's, 2 floors + a basement about 150 m2 in total. The neighbourhood is great - woods and a lake nearby. With only 10 minutes on the metro to Stockholm city it was perfect for us since we don't have a car. Not really the nicest house I've laid my eyes on but the inside is kind of cute. Wooden floors and some fun details in the living room. The house was quite well kept even though we felt that we wanted to do some renovating. Our bathroom was the first thing we did because it was really awful, old tiles and cold floors. We've been doing a room every year, not rushing things cause we knew it would take a while before we would know our needs. Since the rooms are very small we knew eventually that we wanted to make our kitchen and dining room bigger. We spend all of our time there, on our own and when we have guests over. So we tore down one of the bedrooms to make space for that which was a great decision.

What makes a home feel like home?

I often think the details make the home feel like a home. When a person really has put an effort into their home you can see and feel it right away. It's a really hard question cause I can't always explain it. But when you come home to someone who loves their home it shows. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that it might be a feeling. Or having a cat. :)

kök181020_01 (1).jpg
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Give us your top three decorating tips.

Don't forget about proper lighting. You need 4-5 lamps in a room, well kind of depending on the size of the room of course. But I often see people only having one ceiling light and that is far from enough. You'll be surprised of the difference it can make to add proper lighting to a room.

Add colour to your walls. When you're tired of your style or want to buy new furniture or interior details it can often be enough to just (re)paint the walls. Colour can even make your old stuff get a new look. I think that is an easy and not so expensive way to have made a mini makeover of your home.

Don't be afraid to try things out. I know friends of mine that never hangs their art up on the wall cause they're afraid to do it wrong and to leave a hole in the wall. Well... that’s not the end of the world. Or if you paint your walls in a colour that didn't end up the way you wanted - it's not a big a deal really. Just try again. This is something I always think about and something that has made me better at interior design.

How do you combine functionality and beauty?

Well, I really don't think about functionality at all haha. I always think about what I like first of all and if it's not practical.. well who cares. Of course we made practical choices for our kitchen, like where to put the sink and the dishwasher etcetera, but I went for all the sensitive materials. Our counter tops are carrarra terrazzo stone - really beautiful but very sensitive so you have to wipe off stuff you spill right away. But I would do the same choices again. Oh, our sofa has a washable cover, guess that’s the most practical thing you find here really.

Who are your favourite designers and brands?

I like to buy second hand, sometimes furniture but mostly old ceramics. I don't really care about brands as long as I like it but I guess I end up buying from the same stores. Artilleriet in Sweden has a great selection of furniture and details and I really like Ferm Living for our kid's rooms, love the colour palette and that it doesn't feel to childish - they can have it for years. Elisabeth Dunker who is the founder of Fine Little Day is a designer I admire, really cool and talented woman.

What is your most treasured belonging?

I guess my thrifted stuff, my coffee mugs and our beloved "pinnsoffa" (wooden sofa) from the 50s.

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What do you collect?

Right now I'm collecting coffee mugs from Churchill. Really hard to find though but that’s what I keep looking for when I go to a flea market.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I'm working on several collaborations and we are in the planning phase deciding on what pictures to take and how to style it. Next year will hopefully be a really exciting year since we are looking to buy a summerhouse which we are going to rent out when we're not there and to use as a studio when we have work to do. Of course we are spending weekend and holidays there as well. Can't wait to have an old house to decorate, i would be a dream come true.

Where are your local hangouts?

In Bagarmossen we got our first fine dining restaurant last year. It's called Centan and a great place to hang out when you don't want to go to the city. We also have Nackareservatet a 5 minutes walk away which is a nature reserve with a lot of beautiful hiking trails. I use to go to Hellasgården, which is a café next to the lake and you can also take a swim or sauna. Even in the wintertime people are skinny dipping and having a sauna right after, haven't tried that yet though but this winter I just might.

To see more of Janniche, visit her blog at

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