At home with Joanna Envall

At home with Joanna Envall

Joanna Envall is an artist, photographer and an influencer. She has a vivid passion for vintage, recycling and interior design. She lives with her family in the beautiful town of Uppsala in Sweden. Their charming house was built back in 1936, and even though they live close to the town centre, the house is perfectly tucked away close to the wild woods and fields.

Here she shares a glimpse in to her home and her love of antique and vintage design!


What should you think about when buying antiques and vintage for your home?

When you buy antiques and vintage for your home, you should think about the condition and trust your gut feeling. I don’t mind paying a little more for something if I have searched for piece for a long time. I would say - If you fall in love with something you find, do not hesitate to purchase. The best things tends to disappear quickly and you may live to regret it.


Your favourite antique and vintage shop?

I find my best bargains on flea markets and online on buy and sell websites. If I'm looking for something special then there are some well-sourced retro stores, like one of my favourites, @retrolyckan here in Uppsala.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I do not tend to follow any trends, but I try instead to decorate sustainably and soulfully. I like my home to feel homely, cosy and for the decor to reflect us who we are as a family and as individuals. For me, Inspiration often thrives when I see an item I like! I have previously worked as a decorator and I love to use my creativity to build different environments in a home.


What is your most loved piece of furniture in your home?

It is hard to choose a favourite here at home because everything is chosen with great care. But, a lot of my furnitures and decor are heirlooms and these are all very close to my heart. I own for example an old cabinet that has been in the playhouse at Märloslott outside of Sundsvall. This piece carries so much history and soul!



Joanna Envall

See more of Joanna’s gorgeous home on her instagram: @vindsgomman

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