At Home with Katja Kanerva

At Home with Katja Kanerva

This week we are featuring the beautiful interior design of Katja Kanerva from Finland, who lives with her husband Jarno and her two kids, Kasper (8 years old) and Ellen (4 years old). Katja works full time as a civil engineer, but as well as this she loves photography, interior design and being outdoors in the Nordic nature.


Katja: “I would describe my home as cosy and Scandinavian. I like neutral colours and materials, but this autumn I have started to use muted yellows and oranges. Our home is made on a budget, because I get bored quickly and want something new! Houseplants, flowers and candles has also big role in our home. The main thing for our family is that we enjoy ourselves at home.”


“We live in an idyllic, small town in on the west coast of Finland. The town is located right by the sea, so the sea and nature are strongly present in our life and home. I love this town’s atmosphere. Here are so many lovely cafés and interior shops, but also peace that comes from the nature nearby.”


“When we bought this house three years ago, the main things for us were good floor plan and location. We knew that we are going to anyways renovate the whole house to fit our style. The thing that I love most in our home is that it is spacious, modifiable and our unique design. My favourite furniture is definitely the sofa table in our living room. We made it ourselves, because we did not find the perfect one anywhere.”


“My 3 tips how to create a Nordic home:

Choose neutral colours, like white, beige, grey and black to walls and furniture.

Different vases, prints, and warm textiles give life and warmth to an interior. Again it’s best to use neutral colours, but remember that less is more!

Add some houseplants, fresh flowers and candles to create a cosier feel to your home”.


Katja Kanerva

Instagram: @k.kanerva

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