At Home With Audhild Samseth

At Home With Audhild Samseth

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“I am originally from the west-coast of Norway, a small town called Molde. I grew up with fantastic views over the fjord and mountains and learned early to appreciate simplicity and nature. I spend my childhood singing, playing piano and making any kind of needlework, like drawing or knitting. When I was 18, I left Molde to study physics and industrial engineering in Trondheim. Later I studied interior architecture in Oslo. I moved to Oslo in 1991 and I have stayed here since. This is the city I have learned to love and where my own two children grew up.

I have spent most of my career working as a business consultant, the recent years within the areas of communications, branding and digital strategy. This autumn I decided it was time to let go and follow my real passions. Better late than sorry! Now I run my own company called Nordic Sense AS, and it is yet to be decided what will be the direction forward. While I find my way, you can follow me on Instagram - @audhilds

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Nordique: Tell us more about your beautiful home!

Audhild:Three years ago, we decided it was time to move from our four floor family home to a more modern, low maintenance one-floor apartment. The children (six in total!) have now moved out and we are happy “empty nesters”. Our current house is designed by the Norwegian architect Niels Torp and consists of three floors, with one large one-floor apartment in each. I love the materials and quality of the place, and the convenient distance from Oslo centre.”

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

A:My interiors mostly consists of things I have brought with me from our previous family house. High quality lasts. We did make some new investments though, due to the architecture of this place, like the round marble dining table. I like to keep things simple and minimal if I can, but I do not see myself as a minimalist, though I always aspire to be one. More and more so actually! I see my style more as “soft minimalism”, with a neutral colour palette, textures rather than patterns, natural materials such as wood, wool, linen and stone. I like things to feel natural and prefer “low-speaking furniture” – if that is a thing. I think a home should support and facilitate the life and preferences of the people living there.”

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Give us some tips on how to create your Nordic home look!

A: “My tips to create a beautiful Nordic home would be to choose natural materials, a neutral colour palette like earth colours, and bring nature in through decorative elements. And of course, if you can, choose long lasting, quality objects rather than trendy pieces and lots of things. I also think lightning is key. I prefer not to see the lamp nor the source of the light. A hidden led light, for instance, can create wonderful effects and just emphasise the room and the atmosphere. Most of all I prefer natural light and candlelight. If I actually were able to see without having any lamps around, I would choose not to have any.

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What piece of furniture do you love most in your home?

A: “I love our round table and also I love to use different decorations during the changing seasons. Having family and friends over for a nice meal is always a pleasure. When the two of us are by ourselves, we love to just hang around, doing all those little things, listen to acoustic music and snuggle in the coach with soft pillows and blankets, sharing our thoughts and ideas or just watch a good film - like anyone else I suppose. A home should first of all be a private space where you can be yourself, feel safe and surrounded by your loved ones. To me atmosphere and love is key.”

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What are your favourite aspects of your home?

A: “What I love the most about my home is the large open space, the oak-flooring heated by ground water, and the opportunity to just walk straight out in the private garden in summertime. And of course the large windows everywhere, making the outside a part of the inside. That is also why I have linen curtains everywhere. To be able to change scenery during seasons. During the long, cold winter I do appreciate the large fireplace in the living room and to crawl up in a comfy sofa. My favourite time of day is when he returns home from his work and we can share a good meal and our daily experiences around the table.”

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Pictures by: Audhild Samseth & Elisabeth Heier.

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