Brick House - A Forever Home

Brick House - A Forever Home

Designed by Danish architect studio LETH & GORI - this fabulous project, Brick House, was designed by innovation and reinventing history in mind. The architect revisited materials and solutions from historic houses with proven robust qualities to create a new type of sustainable housing. With this the design had two main objectives in mind - to create a house which would be maintenance free for 50 years, and to create a house with a life span of minimum 150 years.


Brick House was based on the architects vision of a house that would feel alive with using building materials that would allow the building to breathe.


We treasure the little glimpses of the almost unimaginable beauty in the ordinary. Like sitting at the kitchen table an early morning while the light dances over the floor. Or to see the clouds drift over the bright night sky through the skylight opening. " - LETH & GORI


The solid brick walls resulted in a robust and healthy house with a long lifespan, good indoor climate and low maintenance.


Brick House cleverly rediscovered knowledge and techniques from existing traditional brick houses in Denmark. These type of houses have a strong focus on creating buildings that are built well with a good technical solutions, craftsmanship and materials. Brick House was made on the same principles to build a contemporary home with a long life span and adapting the best of historic buildings, and at the same time integrating new knowledge and techniques.

The result is certainly a house that radiates qualities of architecture and craftsmanship.

"We strive for a careful and caring approach to our buildings - with beauty as the ideal and the human being as the main focus” - LETH & GORI


More about the architects: LETH & GORI is a Danish architectural studio specialising in site-specific construction projects of high architectural caliber. Founded and run by architects Uffe Leth and Karsten Gori, the studio are committed to creating projects with an architectural longevity - which are characterised by simplicity and flexibility, but also with a distinctive focus of details both big and small.


Photography by Laura Stamer

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