Tapp Water for everyone

Tapp Water for everyone

As more and more videos and images start to appear of the devastating results from the use of plastic, people are now becoming more aware of the devastaing impact. With more than 250 billion single use plastic bottles are being consumed this year, and only less than 20% of these are recycled. We pollute our waters, wildlife and our own bodies and something needs to change.

Tapp Water was founded in 2014, creating a water filter who’s mission is to "Empower people to easily get clean and healthy water from tap, with a minimum environmental impact.".

Nordique have had the pleasure to talk to Magnus Jern from the company to learn more about the world of Tapp Water!

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Who is behind the Tapp Water?

The founders of the company are myself, a Swedish born entrepreneur with a background in engineering and product manager and my German cofounder Alex Schwarz who is an entrepreneur and business major. We are both fortunate enough to be cofounders of successful businesses in the past including Golden Gekko, NComVA and Softonic. This means that we have a very experienced management team and good access to funding when needed. Our Swedish and German heritage is very important to us when it comes to product design and quality.


How big is the team?

Today it’s about 10 people including hardware & graphical designers, product managers, data scientists, engineers, supply chain managers, customer service and marketers. We plan to ramp it up to 25 people by end of 2018 to increase sales and expand the product portfolio.


How did you come up with the idea and what is the thought behind Tapp Water?

Being Swedish I’m used to clean tasty tap water. Therefore it was a bit of a chock to me that almost half of all Spanish households drink bottled water. Interestingly enough it’s not because the water quality is poor but rather because it’s very mineral rich and hard along the coasts. This means that extra chlorine needs to be added and it tastes bad.

The unfortunate consequence of this is 6-8 billion bottles of plastic waste whereof less than 20% gets recycled. We started Tapp Water because we thought there must be a solution to the core problem. Our goal is to get people drinking tap water again by providing healthy, clean and fresh tap water in a sustainable and affordable way.

Our research started in 2015 and we launched the first product in January 2017.


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Where is your product made?

Currently we manufacture TAPP 1 in Taiwan with focus on quality and environmental friendly manufacturing and materials. We’ve looked at manufacturing in Europe but have not found a factory with the same experience and reliability.

Our new product TAPP 2 is the first water filter ever with biodegradable cartridges thanks to the materials we’ve chosen. This has been a big challenge as manufacturers are very conservative about the materials they use. Once again being Swedish has helped a lot here as Sweden has shown repeatedly that environmental friendly doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. 


What are you hoping to achieve within the next few years?

By 2020 we hope to have attracted 2 million active customers and achieved our objective of eliminating 1 billion plastic bottles. After this we will continue towards 20 million customers and 10 billion bottles.


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What countries are you targeting?

We started with Spain but Italy, Germany and UK are up next as they each have 10+ billion of bottles of water consumed per year. This will be followed by the US next year and after this then we’ll see.

Reducing the use of plastic bottles is a great help for the health of our environment, and made easy by the help of companies like Tapp Water. What other contributions do you believe are an easy change for people?

There are so many things today and many of them are relatively easy. Reduce your water consumption with great innovations such as Nozzle (also Swedish) and shower water savers. Use a bicycle or public transportation whenever possible. Cut down on meat consumption. Buy local and seasonal fruits and vegetables if possible. And of course, avoid other single use plastics.


What motto do you live by?

Give me a problem and we’ll find a solution together. Every problem is an opportunity.


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To get your Tapp and help make a difference go to www.tappwater.co

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