Capturing Interior Design - with Johan Stern Andersson

Capturing Interior Design - with Johan Stern Andersson

Nordique can't ever get enough of inspirational Nordic design! Johan Stern Andersson, a photographer from Stockholm in Sweden captures interior design exceptionally via his instagram account @sterninteriors. - And we have had a little chat to him about his work behind the camera.  


Tell us a bit about you - and how did you start your journey in photography?

"I have a background in music and theatre and really started photographing relatively late in life. It was my girlfriend who bought a camera but it turned out that it was me who ended up using it the most! About 6 years ago, I saw an ad that a photography agency were looking for residential photographers, and that is where my passion for the subject really developed. Since then, most of my assignments consisted of housing photography, but I also do other things, such as weddings and lifestyle shoots."


How do you capture the perfect interior design picture?

"The most important thing to think about in order to get the right feeling is light and composition. I usually turn off all lights and just take pictures with natural light. Soft light that flows through one or more windows is unbeatable as a light source. You shouldn't be too concerned with it being dark - with the camera on a stable tripod, you can use a long shutter speed to control how bright the image will be.

Then it comes to finding a good composition. I look very closely at the lines in the picture. Lines are everywhere in the home if you start looking. Both horizontal and vertical like windows, door posts, bookshelves, joints where walls meet, where wall and ceiling meet and so on. I start with them and always try to find a composition that feels balanced. With perfect light and composition you can get even the most everyday items to look amazing!"


What camera and equipment do you use?

"I use a Canon 5d mark III, which is a full-size camera. When it comes to lenses, I usually use a normal zoom (Canon 24-70) but also always have a wide-angle zoom (Canon 16-35) if needed in any extra-tight spaces. Then I have a Gitzo carbon fiber mount that is both light and stable."

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