A chat with Danish influencer Carla Mickelborg

A chat with Danish influencer Carla Mickelborg

Tell us a bit about your work.

I'm an influencer and entrepreneur. I initially had my blog and some of my SoMe channels since 2008, all focusing on doing what you love, and to be nice to yourself. This year, one year after graduating at The School of Journalism, I thought it was time for making my own family portal. My mother is the brain and designer behind our upcoming website: goal-setter.com. My brother is responsible for programming the site, and I do the promotion and CEO work. We produce designs that make it easy to visualize our goals and values. The first product is our vision calendar, with space for images that makes your heart beat, and remind you of what you want in life.

And your YouTube channel?

I started doing YouTube in 2015, after interning at a production company in LA and at Denmark’s Radio in Denmark. I thought it was a waste of time to produce expensive commercials and TV that nobody saw. So I started my channel after talking with my nail specialist at the nail clinic! She told me that she was watching American YouTubers that did makeup, but what she liked the most, was when they said something deep, that added bliss to her day. So I began to make videos talking about deep and positive things, while doing my makeup and showing clips from my life. Now, two years later, that decision financed my new company with my family.

What is one thing about your job no one would expect?

Well, I haven't set my alarm since I graduated at The School of Journalism. My creativity is what wakes me up in the morning now. Early bird!


What has been your most favourite collaboration up to date?

I love to collaborate with inspiring people, and recently I started making my own podcast, where Joan Ørting (famous Danish sexologist) and I talk about how to find Mr. Right. We got right in at the top 5 list of popular Danish podcast. And the response was, that we actually helped a lot of people with that talk, so that was pretty cool! Listen to my podcast here:




What is your main source of inspiration?

I get inspired by living my life as open as possible and to not judge everything. Every day, I read a chapter in a spiritual book that reminds me of why I'm here.


If you could raid anyone's wardrobe, whose would it be?

 My two new stylists Flamingo Ladies - they have Channel, Hermes and Dior all over the place. I admire that, and they’re bank advisors..! 


What's your guiltiest pleasure?

I love mayo. All kinds and a lot of it.


Do you have any favourite Danish designers/brands?

I love minimalistic and Nordic design. Clothing store Birger Christensen in Copenhagen has a selection of many of my favourite brands.


Where are your local hangouts?

Atelier September, best café crème and cool atmosphere. Café Victor for wine and lunch or dinner with friends or business partners. And I eat breakfast At Emmerys every Sunday with my boyfriend.




To see more of Carla visit her website www.carlachloe.dk

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