Landscape photographer Knut

Landscape photographer Knut

Knut Aage Dahl is a self-taught photographer from Trondheim, Norway, who mainly takes images of the beautiful Norwegian landscapes and towns, but he also does portraits, weddings, sports events and more. Instead of jumping on a few years photography course, Knut taught himself by watching many of the endless YouTube tutorials, he of course hit a few bumps on the way to his success, but with determination he’s now working as a full time photographer.


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What equipment is behind your images?

My equipment is my Nikon and Olympus setup. It is the D810 and the OM-D E-M1 MK II. Paired with Nikon 14-24, 50mm 1.4 and 80-200 f/2.8, and Olympus 7-14mm.

With this I also use Profoto and Nisi Filters.

I have tried a lot of various cameras and lenses, and this is what I'm the most pleased with to be honest. I like to keep it simple in editing. So the great DR on the D810 is handy. The Olympus got good enough DR too, but its main feature is the fantastic stabilization. Take hand held images at 2-3 seconds with no problem. You can leave your tripod at home. Profoto is great and delivers great results. It’s the same with Nisi. Nisi got no colorcast and has a much better coating then the competition.


What are the most important things to consider when becoming a professional photographer?

The most important thing is to find the balance, and do what you like. Remember that a slight out of focus picture but with a lot of emotion in will be more popular to the customer then one tack sharp with none. I often find that people that have had a great time love the photos more than those that get a technically better photo, but have had a worse time creating it.


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What have been your biggest challenges career wise so far?

The most challenging bit for me working as a photographer is to promote my work and business, there are so many talented photographers around so it’s a pretty competitive industry.


Where has your job taken you?

I now also work at a photo store Stjørdal Foto ( in Norway, and my own business brought me there. I spent all my hard earned cash and bought a Profoto B1 location kit and had to make sure to earn it back sooner rather than later!


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Are there any myths you would like to clarify?

The myth is that there is such a thing as photography rules. There are no photography rules. Only guidelines. Choose what you want to use to achieve what you imagine.



What are the best things about being Norwegian?

Best thing about being Norwegian is to live in big enough city while having the wonderful nature in your backyard. And of course, the amazing healthcare system. We are very privileged to have such a great system.



Can you give us any must sees when visiting Norway?

Norway has got a lot of great landscapes. I recommend my hometown Trondheim. You can read a lot about it on In Trondheim you got the Tyholt Tower, Kristiansten Fortress, Munkholmen Island, the wharves, City Bridge, statue of Olav Trygvasson and the majestic Nidaros Cathedral. Other places in Norway would be Lofoten. There you get great Northern lights in the winter, and the midnight sun in the summer. Trollstigen in Norway, The Golden De-tour, Geiranger Fjorden, Smøla with Sea Eagle Safari, Trolltunga, Moskus in Dovre Fjell, Svalbard and Hurtigruta. With Hurtigruta you sail up the coastline in Norway which is a very beautiful trip.

In Trondheim you need to visit Lerkendal if you like football, or Bakklandet if you like small cosy cafés with great food. Solsiden when you like to be more urban and enjoy a meal and shopping. You also have the viewpoint close by Sverresborg museum. Visit Trondheim arrange different guided tours/trips, so I recommend paying them a visit.


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Visit Knut's website at or follow him on Instagram @knutaagedahlphoto

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