Swedish fashion brand VIKTORIA CHAN

Swedish fashion brand VIKTORIA CHAN

Viktoria Chan is born and raised in the south of Sweden, but has since 4 years back been living in Shanghai, China. In 2013 she established, VIKTORIA CHAN, a luxury Swedish fashion brand that illustrates a combination of feminine style and a modern sophistication. She designs beautiful office and eveningwear and uses Scandinavian influences and minimalism in her clean colouring and structure.

Meet the lovely Viktoria!


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Please tell us a bit about your background?

I studied business and economics both during high school and university. For master I studied organizational management which is more focused on big company cases. My studies are therefore not directly associated with what I’m doing today, but indirectly I believe business studies gives you a better understanding when it comes to the bigger picture of starting a company. During my last year of bachelor I studied abroad in Singapore for one semester, which also was why I got lured back to Asia after graduation, I just loved the different lifestyle compared to Scandinavia. While I studied in Lund, and to keep my interest alive for textile and design, I took evening courses in design and distance courses in fabric.


Why did you decide to launch your brand, Viktoria Chan?

After my university studied I moved to China to mainly find an internship and study language. However, I realized the easy access to all the fabrics and materials that I just would have dreamt about back in Sweden, so I decided that start the brand Viktoria Chan. I knew I would start it someday, just didn’t know when. So suddenly within 2 months, dreams became reality and there was no turning back anymore.




How would you describe your style?

My style is simple and classic but always with subtle details that makes it unique. Feminine but with power. For me it’s very important that the style wont be out of date but will last several seasons. A lot of our style is still selling after 4 seasons in a row. We play with contrasts, structures and asymmetric lines for the modern feeling, and therefore draw a lot of inspiration from architecture. My personal style is even more simple where I nowadays just wear a comfortable t-shirt and a nice pair of trousers.


And how would you describe Swedish fashion?

Swedish fashion is in general very straight, not revealing much curves but more of a straighter cut. The colours are subtle, black grey, white and beige are too common but also so stylish. We dress very comfortable. One day in Stockholm and it feels like you’re at some kind of real life fashion show because everyone dresses really good. However, as a friend visiting once told me, she said that Swedish people did indeed dress very well but all looked the same. Which got me thinking that the Swedish fashion is stylish but comfortable in the sense that we don’t try new things but stick to what works compared to other countries where they are more open minded to more colours, graphics etc.


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What have been your biggest challenges career wise so far?

I guess there will always be obstacles no matter where in the career you are. What has been a continues challenge has always been to find new retailers. As a fashion brand you’re always dependent on whether the retailers are willing to invest in you or not. A clothing brand like us works better offline when customers are able to try, which is why the expansion of new retailers is important and a challenge.


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What countries do you see a big interest from?

We are working on the Swedish and Chinese market. We haven’t tried to penetrate other markets yet because of lack of resources and contacts ;). On the Chinese market we see faster expansion and rapid increase of sales. There are several factors, but one main factor is because China is in a phase the newly rich people and the middle class is expanding, which has lead to bigger crowd of people becoming more aware of how to dress appropriately. A lot of new stores are opening and buyers are more willing to try new designers.   



Is there anyone out there you would love to see wearing your designs?

I would love to see Olivia Palermo in our designs. That would be a dream come true!


Where can we find you on a typical Saturday night?

Probably just having dinner with some friends and depending on the mood I’m either home reading a book or working, or continuing with a drink somewhere.


And finally, where is your most loved Swedish location?

Weird now when I think of it because I don’t really have a favourite place in Sweden. When I think of Sweden it’s always the food and the Swedish summer I miss the most.


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Visit Viktoria's website at www.viktoriachan.com and follow her on Instragram @viktoriachan

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