Lifestyle photographer Gunn Kristin Monsen

Lifestyle photographer Gunn Kristin Monsen

Photography has always been the way of expression for Gunn. She tells her stories through the lens of her camera and loves the opportunity to be able to catch a moment, a smile or a feeling that makes her heart beat a bit faster.

She takes pictures of everything that catches her eye, interior, people, nature, animals, and they are all shot in natural light. Gunn is a visual storyteller, lifestyle photographer and blogger, based in beautiful Bergen, Norway.

Meet Gunn Kristin Monsen!



What made you start blogging?

I have been blogging for ages, but under another name. All in the details. After a break I decided to start again, but under my own name. I started blogging over 10 years ago, for personal reasons. At the time I ran a children store and a web shop and had a really stressful life with to small children to look after as well. I was working long hours and needed a place to slow down. Taking photos has always been my "flow" and it helps me relax and puts everything else at hold. 


What's your background within photography?

I am a self-thought photographer doing natural light photography. I started taking more and more photos after opening a children’s clothes shop. I needed the pictures for advertising for the blog and for Facebook, and when we started a web shop I started taking images for the site. At the same time I was asked if I could do a shoot for the Norwegian children’s brand,  Memini. .It turned out really well, and it made me realise that this was what I was meant to work with. I now work full time as a photographer taking photos for social media clients, portraits, interior, product photos and still life. 



What camera do you use?

I am a Nikon girl and now I mainly use my Nikon D750. I’m always on the move, so a light camera is a big plus for me.


Do you remember taking your first ever picture?

I remember coming home from Italy as a kid, I had taken so many photos, but not one typical holiday picture. It was all details, landscapes, houses and strangers. I remember showing them to my friend and they really didn’t understand any of it. I think I already back then understood that I was using the camera a bit differently from most people. 


How would you describe your style?

Cool and Nordic, with natural light and a lot of grey and blue tones. I live in the west coast of Norway, close to the ocean and a big lake where the days are often grey and I think that the colours that surrounds me are the colours you can sees in my photos.



What has been your favourite assignment up to date?

I must say it would be my first shoot for Memini. We brought a lot of kids to the beach, making a "cast away" story and it was so much fun styling and getting the story told. It was then I understood that I this was all I wanted. Taking photos.



How many pictures do you take a week on average? 

Working a lot with clients for social media I can easily take hundreds of pictures a week. I always take a lot of photos, and use the camera to find the best moment. The moment when your subject lets their guards down and the smile is totally genuine, or when the light suddenly hits the interior in just the right way. 


How does your average Monday-Friday look like?

My days can be really different, but I am out and about shooting at least 2-3 days a week. The rest I use for editing, writing and planning new stories.


What makes Norway so special?

The closeness to nature is the first thing that I can think of. Even in the biggest cities in Norway the woods, the mountain or the sea are often just minutes away. 

Can you give us some of your best travel advice when visiting Norway?

Since I am from the West coast of Norway I would start in Bergen, my hometown. Rent a car and drive north along the coast. It has such an amazing landscapes with the fjords, mountains, and the sea. Driving through Sogn and up the way to Ålesund….or all the way to Nordkapp. 



To see more of Gunn visit her website:, or follow her on Instagram @gunnkmonsen

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