Illustrator Elina Dahl

Illustrator Elina Dahl


Elina Dahl is a Swedish designer and illustrator based in beautiful Gävle, Sweden, where she has her home, family and studio. She designs a range of cute things, such as bags, cutting boards, art prints and cards, and also works with graphic design, website design, invitations and much more. She describes her designs as light, bright and happy, Scandinavian style and are inspired by creative homes, people and places. Elina wants her designs to take place in people’s everyday lives and they are usually made by hand with a drawing or painting that is then processed into her computer. The designs are made with respect for the nature, future and the world around us.




How did you start your journey with design and illustration?

I started off by studying art and design in Stockholm. I then started a café in Stockholm with my husband, but soon realized that design is what I'm truly passionate about and want to work with. So I then took some more courses and started my new company, which is focusing on illustration and design.


Is this now your fulltime job? 

I have just started working with this full-time after staying at home with my kids.



Where do you find your inspiration? 

I find inspiration to my work all around me both in real life, from creative people and place. But also in virtual places like Pinterest and Instagram, and I love the soft pastels that I often use.


Any designers/illustrators you admire? 

Elisabeth Dunker who created the Swedish brand Fine little day, and Camilla Lundsten behind Swedish Littlephant. They are true inspiration! I also get so much inspiration from female graphic designers worldwide.



What are your favourite Swedish brands or stores?

Fine Little day and House of Rym are two brands/stores in Sweden with really nice design. But I also love Danish bands like Ferm Living, House doctor, OYOY and Bloomingville.


You sell your work internationally. Where does the majority of your orders come from?

Germany and the Netherlands. But I have resellers in a several different countries.


How do you enjoy spending your time off?

With my family and friends. I love to just be at home and work in the garden, play with the kids or have dinner with family or friends. I also love to travel and get new influences.



Where are your favourite Swedish spots?

Right now I live in Gävle, a small town in Sweden. Actually I really enjoy being at home with my family or travel around Sweden in the summertime. Sweden is so beautiful during summer and I get new energy by spending time outside and in the nature. In Gävle we also have small spots that is great, small local shops and restaurants and a big park, and the city is close to the ocean. 

In Stockholm I like to visit the southern part of town with all the nice little shops, cafes and parks. I also love to visit The Modern Museum and The Photographic Museum. The part called Djurgården is also a beautiful place during Summertime.


Visit Elina's website here: and follow her on Instagram @elinadahl

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