Taunhaus - Architectural poster art

Taunhaus - Architectural poster art

The beautiful Danish architecture has a long and accomplished history and is known across the world for its unique and standout characteristics.One company making the most of this is Danish design company Taunhaus, a small and independent design studio in Copenhagen that turn Danish architecture into poster art.



Taunhaus was founded in Copenhagen in 2016 by architects Jakob Bargmann and Armén Nikgol, and designer Ida Hoffart. The three friends met back in 2006 at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Architecture and have since then done numerous collaborations in both architecture and design, which then turned into the founding of Taunhaus.

The company was at first developed during many late evenings fuelled by several cups of coffee, and is described by the three friends as “their lovechild”, a project they are truly passionate about.

Having gathered a few of the country’s extraordinary buildings they have transformed the city’s architecture to minimalistic poster art. The designs are showing isometric buildings, the architecture from the outside without perspective, and are made in that typical Nordic minimalistic and modern style that we all love. The posters are offset printed in high quality on recycled paper and are almost two-dimensional, and are without a doubt worth seeing in person.



“Taunhaus' posters are graphical interpretations of existing buildings. With our posters, we want to emphasize and pay tribute to the architecture that has a special significance for the city and its inhabitants. For us, the true Taunhaus is about both the good architecture that reflects its time and the life it contains. “



How did you come up with the idea of launching Taunhaus?


Denmark is known for design. Mainly our modernist furniture has a worldwide appeal and recognition. Beautiful chairs from masters like Finn Juhl and Arne Jacobsen are loved all over the world. However, we believe that that there is equal beauty and simplicity to be found in the built environment. Danish architecture is in a very interesting period right now but we sometimes forget that we’ve had great architecture for a very long time. At least Danish Architecture is less known and certainly less shown that the contemporary design. We would like to change this. Or at least show people the architecture that we love, and this is how we came up with the idea of Taunhaus.


How do you choose what buildings to design?


The buildings are chosen from an architectural point of view. We are looking to showcase the best architecture Denmark has to offer. However, the daily life in and around these buildings are equally important to us because we are interested in architecture that has meaning and significance to the city.

One of our posters, for instance, shows a student housing project in Copenhagen that few people might associate with great architecture. But it has an almost brutal scale and ambition to it that we find fascinating, and as it has been and continues to be the home of many students, it is for us a good example of architecture that has significance to the city in a more practical sense.


After choosing the buildings from these subjective criteria of architectural value and significance we look a bit closer at the architecture in order to discern a major architectural idea of the building. The concept behind our design is to strip the building down to this main architectural idea and capture it as simple and beautifully as we possible can. We believe this minimal style is completely new, but we are very inspired by the history of architecture, mainly Bauhaus and the great modernists, who were able to capture so much with so few lines - or in our case - surfaces.



Are there any countries in particular that Taunhaus seem more popular in than others?


Many of our customers are Danes who have a love for the city that they live in. However, we are also seeing interest from the other Nordic countries and abroad. We’ve sent posters to San Francisco for instance. We think our products appeal to everyone who is interested in architecture in general, as well as to people who feel a connection to a certain city. That could be locals, ex-pats, or tourists who know and love Copenhagen and its architecture. So far we’ve concentrated on the major Danish cities but we are looking to expand our horizon, so keep your eyes on our website and social media.



Make sure to visit their website www.taunhaus.dk   Follow them on Instagram @taunhaus

And shop directly athttps://eniito.com/shop/taunhaus/    



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