Swedish kite surfer Johanna-Catharina

Swedish kite surfer Johanna-Catharina

Johanna-Catharina is a kite surfer from Sweden, currently based in Spain. She grew up on the Swedish west coast in a town called Varberg and is now travelling the world surfing away in various exotic destinations whilst doing her studies online, what a great combo!



How did you start surfing in Sweden?

I grew up on the Swedish west coast together with my parents and two older brothers. We spend the summers out on the sea sailing with my parent’s boat. After some time I got into kite surfing as it was pretty popular in Varberg already.


You often don’t hear Sweden and kite surfing in the same sentence, but we have heard it’s actually a good place for it?

Hehe, maybe that’s a good thing! We have loads of good spots around the hole west coast and east coast. Around my hometown in Varberg we have a lot of good spots for kitesurfing, windsurfing and also surfing. Most of those places are still not really crowded, which is pretty good.


Do you compete or do you have any future plans for competing?

I will try to do some World Tour stops this year and see If it’s something for me and where my level is at.



The sport takes a lot of strength; do you have any exercise routine? 

I do a lot of gym training, yoga and surfing to help myself keep staying fit.


You travel the world surfing, what do you miss from Sweden when being away?

My family and close friends. And there is no place like home, kitesurfing or surfing at home with friends is always the best. And of course the Swedish cinnamon bun!


Are there any Swedish myths you would like to clarify?

Haha, that you can't surf in Sweden. Of course you can!


You also run a great looking blog! What does it take to run a successful blog? 

Oh, I’ve been blogging for 10 years and tried out a lot of different ways of blogging. But what I think will make you successful is to write about what you are passionate about and not trying to make it look like something that is not 100% you.



What are your plans for 2017? 

I just came back to Spain, where I live right now since half a year ago.

In the beginning of the year I spent some time in Cape Town and Australia where we scored some really good waves. The next month’s I’ll do some smaller trips around Europe before I will be in Sweden for the summer. For the rest of the year I still have some bigger trips on my list. Maybe Mauritius…


Where can you see yourself settling down? 

Right now I’m happy to be living in Spain together with my boyfriend Stefan, who is from Austria. We are still traveling a lot so right now I’m not sure. But I would love to have a summer house in Sweden one day!


What is your favourite Nordic destination?

Denmark, I love the Danish west coast for surfing but also Copenhagen is my favourite city and of course the Danish treats! You find the best cakes in Denmark, haha.



Can you give us your most unique tips on what to see and do whilst visiting Sweden?

Celebrating midsummer in Sweden is somethings everyone should do sometime! Is like New Year’s celebration but you wear flowers in your hair and just dance all night.



To see more of Johanna-Catharina visit her blog www.franksay.se or follow her on Instagram @franksay

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