Swedish influencer Frida Grahn

Swedish influencer Frida Grahn


Frida Grahn is a Swedish interior designer and stylist, and with 144.000 Instagram followers it is easy to say that she is also a social media fashion influencer. She is based in the lovely Swedish city, Gothenburg, where she works as an interior stylist at MoodHouse, a home and office interior styling company that also helps private customers decorate their home to look its best prior to sales.

Not only is Frida fantastic at interior and home styling, she also has a great fashion background, and during two years time had her own fashion spread in every edition of Swedish fashion magazine “Veckorevyn” and wrote a fashion blog for “Modette”.



You have a great fashion background. Can you please tell us a bit about your experience and how you started out?


I started a fashion blog when I was a teenager, and then a few years later I started to write for the Swedish magazine Veckorevyn. I became more and more interested in both fashion and interior. And now I'm working as an interior designer at Moodhouse Interiör in Gothenburg. 


You have a very popular Instagram account, what's your secret? 


Post photos with good quality, and inspirational content. It's also important to be a bit personal too; I'm working on that part!



Fashion can be a difficult industry to break in to. Do you have any tips for anyone aspiring to work in fashion or to run a successful blog as yourself? 


To be out there, build a network with people in the industry. Also to be active in different social media channels!


What has been your favourite job up to date? 


I have to say both writing articles for VeckoRevyn & my current interior job!



Can you recommend some great Swedish fashion designers/brands?


I do love Filippa K, and Acne!


You also work with interior design. How would you describe your style? 


I'm definitely a Scandinavian interior type of person. Natural colours, white, soft and Scandinavian designs are my cup of tea!


Why do you think Swedish interior design is so popular and unique? 


Hard question. Maybe because Swedes has a big passion for natural materials, the nature and colours and fabrics that comes from it.



What are your favourite Swedish designers?


My absolutely favourite brand is Norman Copenhagen, but that's Danish, haha!!! I do like the Swedish brand String though.


What are your best Swedish tourist recommendations? 


The west coast, during June-august. Specially the small towns "Smögen", "Strömstad" and "Grebbestad".



Follow Frida on Instagram @fridagrahn and @fridagrahninterior