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The Relaxed Nordic Look

The Relaxed Nordic Look

Nordique adores the interior design of this stunning apartment! It has everything we love about Nordic design and highlights the current trends while maintaining a timeless decor. This apartment showcases how Scandinavian interior design is adapting to trends but still shows a very much-loved Nordic look. 

A splash of yellow and pops of greens creates a wonderfully homely feel in this Scandinavian home, adding an understated playfulness and warmth. 


We can never get enough of house plants... Bring nature in to your home! A trend that is very much back in fashion in interior design. 

These selected accessories brings out the personality of this home without feeling too cluttered. The colourful cabinet adds a fun twist without compromising on the Scandi look! 

These classic Swedish "Pinnstol" chairs work wonderfully in this contemporary setting. 

A bohemian feel with layered bedding and weave storage basket. 

Nordique loves the deep windows, allowing space for simple but effective feature decor. 

In trend: soft shades with muted colours makes this bedroom a relaxed living space. 

Classic Scandi-kitchen with on-trend railway tiling coupled with natural wood worktops! 


Photography by Anders Bergstedt -



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