Eat My Heart Out

Eat My Heart Out


Behind the Danish food blog “Eat My Heart Out” is the lovely social media manager Christina Bennetzen from Copenhagen, Denmark. Her blog contains endless food and delicious dessert recipes and is the perfect place to visit when you’re out of dinner ideas. She believes in cooking with love and showing respect for the produce, which truly shows in the result.



Your food is fantastic! When and how did you find your passion for cooking?

Thank you :) I guess my first interest in food started when the women in my family let me cook with them from a very early age. My mom and grandmother have always included me in their baking and cooking projects. I often find that my recipes somehow originate in a family recipe that I have updated.

I have always had a natural craving for - fresh produce straight from the vegetable garden. When I grew up - I often visited a woman who had the most wonderful vegetable garden and some of the happiest memories from my childhood take place between the rows of carrots, haricotverts and raspberries in her beautiful garden. 


What’s your favourite food?

I love all kinds of food, but freshly fried fish and veggies is always a favourite. 



Is there anything you eat a lot of or don’t eat at all?

I love having hotdog dates with my boyfriend. We usually make alternative toppings like avocado, fried veggies, pickled greens and sprouts. I could actually go for that right now. 


What is typical Danish food?

Smørrebrød is a very popular Danish dish. It consists of rye bread with various toppings. I often make miniature smørrebrød with very simple toppings like eggs, pickled herring, salmon and left over cold meats or good cheese. The smaller versions are always rather popular with my guests because that way they get to try all kinds. 



What is your normal breakfast routine?

I am pregnant right now - so my morning routines are very consistent. I have a piece of toasted ryebread, a soft boiled egg, juice and a cup of earl grey tea every day. 


Do you have a favourite local restaurant?

We really love going to a small restaurant called Café Alma on Islands Brygge - it is in our neighborhood and the food is always great and the atmosphere is nice and cozy. 


What is your drink of choice?

Fresh juice with lots of ginger


What’s the most unique thing about Denmark?

I love how the seasons change and the long summer nights. 



What Danish personality do you look up to?

The political climate in Denmark is messed up right now and it makes me so depressed but there is a former politician Özlem Cekic who try to create debates across political and religious boundaries. I don’t agree with her on everything but I really admire her approach to radicalism and her willingness to always try and have a constructive debate.  


Can you give us your best Danish travel tips?

My absolute favourite destination in Denmark has to be Fanø. It is a small island off the west coast of Jutland. My family has had a summerhouse there ever since I was born and it always feels like coming home when I step on the ferry and the salty wind hits my face. There are plenty of experiences both in Nature and food wise. 


What is your favourite Nordic destination?

I have not traveled too much in the Nordic countries but I do love the Wild Nature of Norway and Sweden.



Visit Christinas blog at or follow her on Instagram @christinabennetzen


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