Beauty editor Susanne Barnekow

Beauty editor Susanne Barnekow

Susanne Barnekow is originally from a lovely town called Båstad, located in the south of Sweden (known for their annual “Tennis Week”), but has been based in Stockholm for the last 10 years where she works as a beauty editor at one of Sweden’s most successful fashion and beauty magazine, “Plaza Kvinna”. She also runs her own beauty blog at where you’ll get a good glimpse into the everyday life of Susanne and some great tips and tricks on how to look and be healthy.



As a beauty editor, what can you tell us about the Swedish beauty trends?


The Swedish consumers are in general very savvy when it comes to beauty products and we care about them being sustainably produced - kind to the nature as well as our skin. With that said a trend right now is organic and natural products! Another strong trend that’s already huge all over the world is K-Beauty - all products Korean but also the philosophy. 


When and how did you find your interest in beauty?


I have always had a big interest in beauty but I come from a small town in the south of Sweden where I spend most of my time on a horse back, in the stables or out with my dog. Which might not really be the ideal places to grow a beauty interest haha. So I guess it really bloomed when I moved to Stockholm about 10 years back and started working at a PR Agency and with the beauty brands we represented. 



Your skin is glowing! What are your best tips on getting and maintaining good skin?


First of all - Thanks!:) I could make this answer so long but I’m going to try to sum it up haha. Balance is key - if your inside isn’t balanced you will just waste your money buying expensive beauty products. Try to find a way that works for you and harmonise your exercise, diet, stress levels and don’t forget your beauty sleep! Your skin care routine should contain of a good cleansing product, a toner, exfoliator (enzyme and not grain based) a serum and a day and night cream. Never forget SPF during the day – it’s crucial for good skin health and preventing premature aging. And make sure your products are customized to your skin - visit a professional if you can't find the right ones on your own. I think that pretty much sums it up:) 


Is a good diet important to you?


It’s very important! I’m not saying I don’t cheat haha but in general I try to eat clean -  keep my groceries as close to the source as possible and avoid processed food. I eat a lot of vegetables, berries and beans and one of my favourite "in between meal snacks" is warm almond milk with a spoon of raw cacao or carrots dipped in hummus. 



What is your daily morning routine?


I always start with giving my husband a kiss and then I sneak out to my dog who sleeps on the couch and cuddle loads with him! Then I take a quick shower and after that I drink a lukewarm glass of lemon water and a cup of matcha latte made on almond milk - while I watch morning TV, do my makeup, read my emails and update my blog. Multi-tasking to say the least haha.  


Do you exercise?


Yes, I do lots of power walking and Bionic (EMS training), Barre and outside cardio. 


Can you tell us a bit about your blog?


My blog is like a side window to my job at the magazine and my private life. It's a way for me to share all the beauty related information I get from my work but in a more personal way. I’m not sure it stands out that much but I guess what’s special about it is that there’s only one me - and you see a lot of me in my blog:) 



What Swedish personalities do you look up to?


The personalities I look up to in general are actually my friends - I am surrounded with so many of them. Many, daring entrepreneurs that in addition are really good people and find new creative ways to contribute to a better world. To mention one Swedish celebrity, I have to say Zara Larsson - she’s stands up for what she believes in and is strong, confident and sharp. I wish I had an ounce of her invincible sassiness!


What’s your favourite thing about living in Stockholm?


I love having nature and water around the corner and that it's so freaking pretty. We also have a great range of restaurants, bars and night clubs. 



Do you have any local tips on what to see and do?


Believe it or not but I’m actually quite a loner haha. Especially during the winter when I spend most of the time in my apartment  - from where I also work most days. So don’t ask me about the latest restaurant and activities haha. But I do have a few tips on some classic spots - Teatergrillen for dinner - it’s the most amazing restaurant, so cosy with amazing food. Gamla Stan (the old town) - this is very touristy but is still a really cool place to see - but go there during night time when most people our gone and it feels like you have travelled back in time. Take a walk around Djurgården, it's really nice if you like to spend some time in the nature. If you like seafood and Swedish classics - have lunch at Sture Hof! For shopping we have NK and Biblioteksgatan -they're located very close to each other and you can swing by Wienerkonditoriet for lunch or maybe a cup of coffee and a Swedish Semla? 

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