Danish lifestyle blogger Simone

Danish lifestyle blogger Simone

Simone Moelle runs a successful Danish lifestyle blog and also works as a Chief Marketing Officer at an influencer analytics startup company. She’s based in one of Scandinavia’s most talked about cities, Copenhagen, and with a big interest in food and travels, she below give us some great tips on what to do and see whilst visiting Copenhagen.



How does a typical Monday in the life of Simone look like?

I am not a morning person but have the habit of waking up 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. I usually spend those extra minutes snuggling with my boyfriend before I go make us coffee. We both update our Instagram channels (he has a popular travel/photography Instagram @daysofmrgray) while talk about what we have to do during the week. In go to work around 9 and since I am the CMO in a small company my days varies a lot with either meetings, communication tasks or helping influencers with getting onboarding to Woomio. 


How and when did you decide to start your lovely lifestyle blog?

I started my blog back in 2010 where blogging was still new in Denmark. I started because I was studying communications, and read an article about how to get a student job, and how that would be easier if I had a blog. I chose to write about fashion back then because it, at the time, was the most popular blogging topic. I did not know anything about fashion! But I figured that since it was popular it would be easy to get lot of traction on it. I was kinda right but have since then changed my blog and Instagram to be much more lifestyle oriented. 



What does it take to run a successful blog?

Personally I think it requires a lot of time. Especially know that you have to operate on more channels than just your blog to become and stay relevant. Furthermore you need a good understanding on how to use all your social channels so that all grow together as a whole. Last but not least you need to know your audience and have an understanding of how to build a community around your brand. 


Who takes the majority of your photos?

My boyfriend has since we met, built up a strong passion for photography (and no, I didn't force him to become an Instagram husband;)). So he takes the majority of my pictures. You can find him on Instagram as @daysofmrgray where he has a large following of his own. 


Do you have a style icon?

I think that these days, there are SO MANY stylish Instagram girls and accounts out there and who I get inspired by really depends on my mood. I've just found @Emily_luciano, which really inspires me fashion wise. And then I love @mikutas for her visually beautiful feed! When I get an extreme urge to travel the world I turn to @doyoutravel or @girlsborntotravel. 



What's your favorite Danish food? 

I love smørrebrød, which is a super traditional dish. It is basically an open sandwich on rye bread with different types of food on it. There are all sorts of variations and if done right, it is also a very visual appealing and delicious dish (I think you can hear the instagrammer in me is speaking here hah!). For a foreigner it may look a bit weird but my boyfriend who is from Ireland loves smørrebrød too. So if you ever visit Denmark, you should give it a try!  

And drink?

For smørrebrød you usually drink Danish schnapps. But I really hate that. We also drink a lot of beer, which unfortunately isn't a favorite either. However, In Copenhagen, where I live, we have an amazing cocktail scene so I love to go out and have a well-mixed cocktail. I usually go to 1105 and order a Norsemann sour, which is a Nordic, inspired cocktail! 


As you mentioned earlier, you also work for a tech startup. What does your role involve?

I work as the Chief Marketing Officers, which basically means that I am the chief of the marketing department. It is therefore me who is a decision maker when it comes to marketing and communication. However, because I have so much knowledge within the influencer world and we are an influencer centric company, I also work a lot with influencer management. 


Tell us about your proudest achievement in life? 

I can't think of a specific thing right now but more all the little things that have led me to where I am today. Getting my job as a Chief Marketing Officer in a great company, having a good network and close friends and jumping into a relationship with a man that came out of no where when I least expected it, but that turned out to be the man of my dreams. Small things that just make me feel proud of my decisions through life. However, this doesn't mean that I am aiming higher all the time - so hopefully there will come many more achievements down the road. 



What makes Denmark and the Danes stand out?

To me the Danes are just nice people in their own laid back way. However, to some we can seem a little private at first but it's only until you get to know us. I also like that Danes are so honest and that most avoid superficiality that you so easily find other places - Sugar coated compliments is not our thing ;) 
Looking at the country as a whole the general quality of life is high which means that if you go here for a weekend trip you really need to go out of your way to find something that isn't nice and in good quality: design, food, cocktails, entertainment (except for the little mermaid, don't go there! It's the most overly hyped statue in the world. Probably...) - You name it! Best of all: If you go to Copenhagen for a weekend, the city is small enough for you to get a good sense of it! 


Can you give us your best tips on what to see and do whilst visiting?

Since I live in Copenhagen, I will give you my best tips to where I like to go, eat and drink! First of all, rent a bike and experience the city like a true Copenhagener! Bike around Vesterbro and Nørrebro, which are two of the most hyped areas with cool cafés and shops! Go to the amusement park, Tivoli and go to the cozy but touristy Nyhavn and take a channel tour if the weather allows if! Then go to Strøget, which is the main shopping street and
Food wise: Eat breakfast at the Union Kitchen or Sidecar (my two favorites!) and in the evening you should eat dinner at Mash (for the meat lovers!), Pluto, Umami or go full on greasy at the Gasoline Grill which serves some of the best burgers in the world! Go for cocktails at 1105 or Lidkoeb and party at the meat-packing district. If you want to be sure to go to a place where the atmosphere and the music are good, go to Zefside! 


Except Denmark, what is your favorite Nordic destination?

Iceland is probably not only my favorite destination in the Nordics but in the whole world! It is like no other place I've visited. I got the trip to Iceland as a birthday present by my boyfriend and we spend 4 days there, which wasn't enough to cover the entire Island. I would love to go back one day, but first I want to visit the Faroe Islands, which should be as magical. 
For a weekend trip I will recommend going to Gothenburg. I went there last weekend and was blown away by how amazing the city is! 




To see more of Simone visit her website www.simonemoelle.com or follow her on Instagram @simonemoelle


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