Icelandic singer Hildur

Icelandic singer Hildur

Talented Icelandic singer Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir is currently based in Reykjavik, Iceland, where she is also from. Her career started with a bang when performing her first ever gig at one of Iceland’s biggest music festival, Sónar Reykjavik. When you’re next visiting Iceland, make sure to keep a track on where Hildur next is playing!




When and how did you first get into music?

It was a mixture between the Beatles, Bach, Celine Dion and Spice Girls that brought me in. I started playing the cello when I was 6, but I was always singing and listening to music my dad and sisters introduced me to. My parents were always very supportive of my musical urges and my dad downloaded a karaoke software to our family computer when I was like 10. For some months after that basically all I did was singing karaoke in front of the computer and plotting how I could become a future Britney Spears. I think that plot is going well.


What's the idea behind your music?

I love me some good pop music. I've always been fascinated with that form, it's like the most universal language. No other form of music reaches as big group of people. But it's also very challenging to write a good 3-minute pop song. And I like challenges. I also just love making music that makes people happy and inspired. But everything I do has some part of me in it. Being a songwriter is my biggest passion and being able to use some of my experiences or feeling to create something new that other people can relate to is such a beautiful thing.


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Who inspires you?

Strong female artists and songwriters. Björk, Kate Bush, Grimes, Princess Nokia, Lady Gaga, Julia Michaels and many more. Nothing for me is more empowering than seeing fierce woman taking the stage and also taking a stand. But as for inspiration when I'm writing my music, inspiration comes basically everywhere when I'm not looking for it. I find it hard to take inspiration directly from other music, I'm rather inspired by situations, words, mood, lack of something. For me that’s where the most genuine ideas come from.


What are some pros and cons that you´ve experienced with the music industry?

The pros are working at doing what you love, meeting so many amazing people, getting to travel and experience cool things. Cons are having a writers block, being stressed a lot, sometimes having crazy schedules, negative online commenters. But you know, as my Kanye says, if people aint hating then it wont be right.


What´s the dream?

To be living a fulfilling and happy life that involves a lot of music, love, dogs and food. And being able to go regularly to Japan.




Who would you love to do a collaboration with?

London Grammar. They are one of my favourite bands and I think my voice could fit super well with Hannah's. We could do some magical harmony things together. London Grammar if you're reading this get in touch plz.


What has been your most memorable performance so far?

Hard to pick one, but my first performance as Hildur was quite a big one. I was playing at Sónar Reykjavík which is a super cool festival in Iceland and I had been full with imposter syndrome leading up to it, because I was basically booked without having played a gig, with only demos of my song. So I was super nervous that people would “see through me” and be like - “wait.. is she playing this for the first time? Who does she think she is?” but the reactions were magical, and I was smiling for a full 24 hours afterwards. And oh, I also met my boyfriend at that gig!


Who are your three favourite artists/bands?

Portishead, Björk and Jon Hopkins



Can you tell us your top Icelandic:


Cafe? Reykjavík Roasters, Brautarholti

Shop? Húrra Reykjavík & Spúútnik

Place? Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool

Artist? Hard to pick one, but these days it's Hatari

Food? Icelandic hot dog “ein með öllu”

Drink? We have this Icelandic Christmas drink called Malt og Appelsín. It's delish.



To keep up with Hildur follow her on social media here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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