Swedish actress Josefin Asplund

Swedish actress Josefin Asplund

Swedish actress Josefin Asplund is mainly know for playing Pernilla Blomkvist in the successful The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a film based on a psychological thriller novel by the late Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson. But there is more on her CV, she also plays one of the lead roles in the film adaptation of the best selling Swedish novel The Circle, had a role in TV series Vikings and much more.

Josefin is currently back in Stockholm where she’s from, after spending some time in Dublin and London.


Photo by: Marica Rosengård

Photo by: Marica Rosengård


How did you start your career?

My mom put me on stage at the age of 6 because I was so loud and I talked too much in class. I loved it there at the theatre, it was my second home. After that I applied for one of the best acting programmes at senior high school in Stockholm, and I got in. During those three years I learnt a lot as a teenager and I got the opportunity to meet a lot of casting directors, one of them which led me to my very first acting job.  



You had a part in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! Can you tell us a bit about the experience?

This was my very first part in a movie ever so it was BEYOND EXCITING. I barely knew anything at all about the movie industry at that point (apart from being an extra in small productions in Sweden) but I just went along with it. I pretended to be used to this whole surreal situation even though I was shocked by everything all the time; the size of the snacks table, flying business class, getting 25 takes for each angle in every scene, Hollywood's not so glamorous sides, being on my own for the first time on a different continent and so on. It was an unreal experience and I'm very grateful that both David and Daniel were so humble and made sure that I felt safe and sound at set all the time. 



Do you travel abroad for auditions or are they mainly in Sweden?

I travel a lot both for auditions and shootings but since "self-taping" started to get popular, I can be home in Stockholm a lot more and send auditions from my living room. Right now I'm shooting both in Stockholm and in Vilnius for a series called "Conspiracy of Silence".  


Call Girl 2012

Call Girl 2012


What's the best advice you've ever been given?

It’s not really an advice but here we go: being worried about something means suffering unnecessarily, or twice if what you're worrying about will actually happen. So.. - stop worrying! 



What has been your favourite part so far?

Probably the role I did as Sonja in Call Girl. This is a movie that's inspired by true events. It's about two girls who get drawn into prostitution at the age of 13 and 14. They get abused by older men on high positions within the police, the parliament etc. It was my first big/main part and putting my feet into Sonja's high heeled 70ies shoes was just amazing. The whole crew, director and co-workers were simply the best and the story about these girls and this special time in Stockholm was something I really wanted to tell the rest of the world about. I really cared about this project.



Is there anything you find yourself to be especially suited for when it comes to acting or is it very diverse?

Ooh.. hm.. I don't know what I'm necessarily suited for but I do know that I would love to play a cold, manipulating psychopath some day. People say that I have a good face for royal costume dramas, but I'm not convinced. 


Stockholm Film Festival    Photo: Camilla Syrström

Stockholm Film Festival

Photo: Camilla Syrström


It's a pretty tough industry you're working in. What have been your biggest challenges?

It used to be the constant doubt that I, as many other actors, have inside. And the doubt the industry gives you because of the hard competition. But I'm slowly, even though I'm struggling, becoming friends with that doubt. Now days I find it hard to cope with social media combined with my work. I don't know if I like the idea of "being someone" on Instagram or whatever. All I want to do is act. But the biggest challenge, I think, is the loneliness you can experience in this industry. I love being social and working with people so I find it extra tough to be on my own for several days in a row just practising my lines. 



Can you give any advise to all the aspiring actors and actresses out there?

Not having a job and looking for jobs all the time is tough. And it’s not always (sometimes never) fun. But if you ask yourself, preferably when you’re working; is this something that makes me happy? Is this something that makes me feel good and that I want to explore? If its a yes (it doesn't have to be a loud, clear yes) then maybe those weeks, months or years without any proper work and those hundreds of auditions that you feel leads into nothing might be worth it.


What´s the dream?

Living in a world with equality while zippin' on a Bloody Mary. 


Behind the scenes of Vikings season 5

Behind the scenes of Vikings season 5


What makes Sweden special to you?

What can I say.. It’s home. It has the nature, the lakes, the beautiful buildings and the quite boring nightlife with private, snobby people, but most of all; my dearest friends and family. 



Where are your local hangouts?

I haven't been hanging/living in Stockholm for quite a while, so I'm not sure anymore. But pretty much anything south of the city. That might change now, though, since I've moved to the north side of town just a couple of weeks ago. 



To see more of Josefin follow her on Instagram @asplundjosefin

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