Nordic Storytelling with Mika Aberra

Nordic Storytelling with Mika Aberra

Mika Aberra is a 23 years old photographer from the Swedish city of Gothenburg. As you can see from the collection of photographs below, he is quite a talented individual! After playing youth football at an elite level, Mika developed a passion for photography in his late teens. He has recently been able to go full-time, and currently focuses on outdoors and travel photography. 






"To me it is very important that I work with pictures in series, a bit like a movie, rather than just trying to take pictures that are beautiful one by one."

Mika: "I really like the concept that an image can be even stronger if it has one or more other images that complement it. I feel that I have a real eye for composition, and the editing skills to really achieve the client's key objectives. I think my strongest side is being able to convey a story and underlying message through my pictures."

"Fortunately I've had the opportunity to travel a lot with my job and I think that has been the most important part of my development, both on an artistic and personal level. Through my travels, I have built an understanding of people, places, cultures and so much more. I try to transfer this to my work as well as influencing the way that I am as a person."


Lofoten, Norway -  Mika: "The most beautiful place I have visited in the North so far. This is from an early morning in the small village of Reine."



"In Lofoten, you will find many of these charming boat houses. This one became my favourite."



"This is a portrait of my dear friend Benny Byström in Lofoten."



"615. That's how many metres down from the cliff to the icy fjord below. This is from Preikestolen in Norway just a couple of weeks ago."



"Outlook of the snow-covered, wild Norwegian scenery from the car."



Details from Lovatnet in Norway.



"In the Faroe Islands you do not encounter a lot of people, but these nice creatures compensate for it!"



"Amazing rock formations at Drangarna in the Faroe Islands."



Jökulsárlón, Iceland.



Skogafoss, Iceland. "Without a doubt, the most popular waterfall in the country. I had to be up at five o'clock in the morning to take this picture in peace and quiet, without anyone else being around."


Instagram: @maberraa
Self-portrait of Mika photographed by Faramarz Gosheh. 
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