Fashion blogger Sofia Ruutu

Fashion blogger Sofia Ruutu

Sofia Ruutu is a fashion blogger from Helsinki, Finland, who runs the blog “The OOTD Diary”, which is exactly that, a blog about her outfit of the day. With her clean, simple and what many would say, typical Scandinavian style, she gives great fashion inspiration for when we are in need of some tips on what to wear ourselves - meet Sofia!



What inspired you to start your blog? 

I have been modeling both internationally and here in Finland for over fifteen years. However, after meeting my husband and settling down here in Helsinki with our children I wanted to continue working, but on my own terms. In my blog I combine my passion for fashion, photography and business, which is another big interest of mine. I love to have my own platform where I can fulfil my visual dreams and share them with others as well as offer a place to escape from everyday reality for inspiration.


How does your average Monday look like? 

Everyday is so different but I always wake up early, answer emails and take my daughter to daycare. My boy is still home with me so I bring him with me wherever I go or then he’s with a nanny or his father. After that I usually have meetings with potential collaboration partners/ a fitting/ or photo shoot. I pick up clothes or products for upcoming collaborations and then I answer more emails, edit pictures, update my blog and Instagram (3 times per day) and I usually attend an event or two per week in case they are arranged by my current collaboration partners. At 4 pm I pick up the kids and make dinner and take care of other chores while I play with the kids. I love to invite people over, so we usually have friends and their children over as well. At 9pm I plan my next day, return to my emails again, do school work and go to bed by 10 pm.


How would you describe your style? 

My style is very feminine. I love high heels, lipstick and feminine shapes. I don’t care about trends. I like classic and timeless style, but with a hint of personal edge. I like to constantly challenge myself and be open-minded. Fashion should be fun and carefree.


Do you have any style icons? 

I love people with effortless and quite simple style, who catch my attention with a personal touch and details.



What's your beauty regime?

I believe in good skincare products. I currently use Dermalogica and Lamer and my skin has never been better! I’ve finally achieved that much wanted glow that makes me want to skip wearing any makeup on my skin. Blush, mascara and eyebrow gel is enough. I wouldn’t have time for more makeup anyways because my skincare routine includes 12 different products.


What motto do you live by? 

Always do what makes you and your family happy. In the end, that’s all that matter.




Tell us your favourite Finnish:







Interior brand?

Hmm I can’t tell because my favourite place to shop interior design is Bukowskis market. Online auctions, dangerous for my wallet.



Salmon soup



I don’t drink alcohol and always prefer water, so I guess water is my favorite drink no matter where I am. And coffee, I love coffee.



Farang, Hoku, Baskeri & Basso


What do we have to see and where should we go when visiting Finland?

Finland has so much to offer. Downtown Helsinki is beautiful and now has great restaurants and shops, but Lapland is iconic and unique. However, my absolute favourite place to be is at the summer cabin during endlessly light summer days in the most beautiful surrounding. That to me is Finland at it’s very best.



To see more of Sofia visit her blog or follow her on Instagram @sofiaruutu

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