Menswear fashionlabel PRLE

Menswear fashionlabel PRLE

Swedish menswear label PRLE is founded and run by Andreas Danielsson, a multitalented man who literally does everything himself, designing, pattern cutting, sourcing of materials, sales, marketing and everything else that comes with having your own fashion label.

Andreas was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, but is currently based in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

The brand is not what many would consider the ‘typical’ Scandinavian style, but holds a more eccentric and expressive side, with some describing the brand to be for “the modern hippie”.




What does PRLE stand for?

It's pretty much a long story of indecisiveness, which at one point ended up as PRLE.
It's pronounced "par-lay" and derives from the French word (parlé) "to speak". It doesn’t stand for anything particular.


Who's behind the brand?

So far it's just me.
I've been working on building up a solid base for the brand myself, getting the identity and aesthetics set, which I now feel like I'm coming close to. 


How did you start?

It was founded in 2013.
I started the brand just knowing I wanted to make clothes. I had no real plan at that moment, and was quite naïve but highly motivated.
Since then, its been a long way of learning and taking small steps.
As I'm not coming from a university degree I've spent a long time just trying to find my expression and purpose. I've also spent a lot of time finding manufacturers and suppliers to work with while figuring out all the time frames of this business and how to accustom to these.



Where do you source your material from and where is your product made?

Almost all fabrics are from European suppliers, mainly from Italy.
And everything is made in Lithuania or Portugal.


Your brand stands out from the 'typical' Scandinavian style. Where do you find your inspiration?

I'm happy to hear.
I find inspiration in people. Eccentric people who aren't afraid of being who they are and doing what they believe in.
I also have a very romanticized image of the 70's, which is quite present through out all the collections.


How would you describe your typical customer?

It's someone who is confident in himself and relates to the brand's aesthetics and values. It's also a person who wants to express himself (or herself) through what they are wearing.




What country do you get your biggest interest from?

Japan. They seem to be very curious and open to new things.


Starting your own brand isn't easy! What have been your biggest challenges?

Sales. I'm definitely not a sales person. And coming from zero connections and merely no experience it's been quite tough not even knowing where to begin or how to get in contact with buyers.  


Do you have any exciting plans for 2018?

I'm excited to start working with a PR and sales agency for next collection. The FW18 collection will be shown in their showroom in Paris in January. 




Can you give us your best Swedish recommendations of where to visit and what to do?

Go to Stockholm, in the summer, get a bike and put on Ted Gärdestad in your earphones and go explore (applies to other Swedish cities as well.)



To see more of PRLE visit their website or follow them on Instagram @p_r_l_e


Photo: Amanda Nilsson

Styling: Alice Lönnblad

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