Norwegian musician Maya Vik

Norwegian musician Maya Vik

Bass player and vocalist Maya Vik is from a small town in Norway called Os, located just outside of Bergen, west of Norway. The past 15 years Maya has been living in Oslo, and the last 4 years she’s been living on and off in New York.

In 2009 the very ambitious talent with her sights set on USA, was a winner of the Norwegian Grammy for “Best Pop Group” with her previous band, progressive pop band Montée, and also voted ‘Norway’s Most Beautiful Woman’ by Elle Mann.

“Playing live, Maya was once the bassist in Savoy fronted by A-ha’s Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. With her band, she has opened for artists from Dâm-Funk to Lenny Kravitz and has toured Japan, Russia, Holland, Germany and also the US including a month-long residency at Pianos, NYC.”

She continued her success by going solo in 2011 and releasing two albums and an EP, and as we speak, Maya just released her latest Norwegian song, IIlden, via Oslo Records.


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Can you tell us about your journey to music?

I started playing bass when I was 15 years old. I’ve played in several bands before starting making my own music 5 years ago. My first band was called Furia, and we were an all girl group signed to EMI in Germany, touring the world and also supporting Lenny Kravitz on one of his tours. Next band was called Montée, and we won the Norwegian Grammy for best Pop band. I also played in Savoy which is Paal Waaktar from A-HA ’s solo project.

After all these years in different bands, I felt I wanted to move on, focus on my own music and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years - Touring Norway, the US, Russia, Japan, also opening for Lenny Kravitz and Dâm-Funk and playing a residency at Pianos in NYC for three months, to mention some. I’ve released three albums and writing songs for different artists as well, including co-writing Dawn Richards «Not above that» that was according to TIME magazine the third best song in 2016.


How would you describe your style of music? 

Pop-funk with a twist.



What inspires you?

Right my one year old daughter, she’s everything! 


What has been your biggest break through?

It’s hard to define what a break through is I think - I’ve done so many things I’m proud of, working with incredibly talented people, so for me achieving small goals along the way, and building slowly is the most important thing. Just being able to be out there and to have an audience is amazing in it self.


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What has been your most memorable experience so far?

Playing the Øya festival in Norway as one of my first five gigs ever, was insane! I was surprised that they had so much faith in me to make it a good show and giving me a good slot, hehe. Also opening for Dâm-Funk and playing his Funk night in LA was insane.



You've been voted "Norway's Most Beautiful Woman", how does that feel?

That was an honour, but it was actually «the most beautiful AND coolest woman» - so the coolest part was even better I think. I’m always trying to put my music first, and what I do, so looks are great, but I’d rather have people focus on what I do and write more about that. But of course I was flattered. 



Is there anyone out there you would love to collaboration with?

Chromeo! I love them, they have such a fun approach to funk music that I love. 


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What's something people might be surprised to know about you?

I’m super shy, that’s why I don’t talk during my shows. 



What was the latest gig you went to?

Bruno Mars in Oslo.



What are your favourite local hangouts? 

Besides my studio - Sentralen in Oslo - great food and workspace, and rooftop of the Thief hotel, great view!


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To see more of Maya visit her website or follow her on Instagram @mayavik

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