Danish fashion model Serina

Danish fashion model Serina

Super lovely Danish model Serina Nadia Jensen from Korsoer, Denmark, is chatting to us about fashion, Denmark and travels. Enjoy!


How did you start your career as a model? 

My sister in law requested me to send some pictures to Denmarks Next Topmodel (season 1) and right after I got signed with my present agency, Unique Models.


What are the best and worst things about your profession? 

The best thing is to meet new and inspiring people along the way. You experience places you didn’t even know existed, that often cause a feeling of being blessed. I start modelling when I was 16 and it has definitively established my maturity. You learn to be adaptable and good at presenting yourself to new people. There’s never a day that is the same – that makes it really fun. You learn to commit great in this world. The worst thing is that it’s a harsh business. You can’t be too sensitive, the fact you get assessable all the time. You need to deal with it in a constructive way – nothing is personal (even though it’s all about personality in this business) but I’m ‘just’ a product to a client. Furthermore, you can’t have a bad day – you have to be on all the time!

But in the end, I turn it to something positive and try to be as professional as possible – in a humble and fun way! Nothing is cool when it’s too serious, I think.


Is there anyone in particular you would love to work with? 

Karl Lagerfeld could be dope.. But I would love to work with James Macari. I like working with different photographers because it’s always a new ‘story’ that’s getting created.


Do you get to travel a lot?

Yes, after high school I started as a fulltime model and travelled to Australia for three months. (before, I worked and studied at the same time and the school gave me leave of absence) That was an absolute astonishing and eventful experience. Moreover, I have been to London, Germany, Milan, Paris, LA... Soon I will be travelling around the world again – I just had a little break.

Can you give us some of your best beauty tips? 

Coconut oil! My skin is great in general and never have problem with it. But sometime I give my skin an intense care. I put on coconut oil and honey on my face (organic!) overnight, and wash it gently the next morning. Then my face looks fresh and all clean – with a stunning glow. You can even lubricate it on your legs and it will moisturize for hours. Use it in the hair as well. I always replace my routine gear: face cream and hair shampoo/conditioner, because it needs new junk. You don’t need to do it with your makeup but I prefer it. It’s also exciting to try new products. A makeup artist taught me to use my fingers when putting make up on (yes, ALL makeup like conditioner, powder, rouge, highlight – everything) It gives a thin and natural layer on your skin, and then you don’t have to worry about bacteria’s on your brushes.


How do you eat to stay healthy and energized? 

I never do anything slavishly. I’m a big fan of pizza though. I’m the person who can eat whatever I want. Let me be honest, I eat everything – and a lot of it. But of course it reflects what you eat, on the inside and -out. I do not eat bread, junk food or calorie bombs (which I like a lot) if I’m going to shoot swimwear. It blows up my stomach. I like everything that’s natural. I eat ginger every day. That’s good for you immune system, prevent arthritis and good against nausea. Every other day I eat a clove of garlic, which is also good for the immune system and your health. In the morning I squeeze lemon in my water and love drinking coconut water. I take a cold shower at the end of my shower – it gives oxygen to your entire body thus energy. I just drink a lot of water, make some exercise and try to stay positive in my mind – that gives motivation. I listen to music for hours each day! It helps your mood and de-stressing – it gives me the best motivation and energy. Even though I work in a business where there are circumstances regarding your look, I NEVER compromise my values. I do what I want, I eat what I want, choose more or less, what I want – you can choose whether you want in life, no matter what. It gives me energy and I feel healthy when staying true to myself and my values.



What makes Denmark so special?

I grew up here, so I have a special feeling about my homeland aka cycling nation. I like the beautiful landscape, the fresh air and the people here. People are so stylish and beautiful in Denmark. When you get to travel a lot, everything comes into perspective. Denmark is a great country everybody should experience. I love DK, because I have my family and friends here, who means the world to me. (Depending what you’re into, but we have beautiful and handsome men here)


What's your favorite Nordic destination?

I would love to go to Faroe Islands. It looks incredible there, whether I’m going there for a shoot or just vacation.

Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands


Can you give us any unique tips on where to go and what to see when visiting Denmark? 

Copenhagen during summer! All the side streets with small cafés and unique boutiques are an experience worth.  During Christmas, you should go to the third largest (don’t be fooled, nothing is big in DK) city of Denmark, Odense. It’s like a composition of a big-city and countryside. It’s a bit nostalgic with its history and birthplace of H.C. Andersen himself.


Hope you enjoyed what you just read. Stay humble and happy.


Serina N. Jensen


Want to see more of Serina? Follow her on Instagram @serinajensen_ or visit her website to see more of her work  http://www.unique.dk/female/models/serina-jensen/

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