Danish fashionista Lisa

Danish fashionista Lisa


The Danish fashion industry is absolutely booming. Denmark is a country full of creative people, succesful designers, models, artists, fashion weeks and more, no wonder they are such a stylish nation. Meet Danish fashionista Lisa Sommerlund from Aarhus, Denmark, a blogger and branding and marketing student at Via Design.



Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a 25 years old fashion student at Via Design. I live in Aarhus, but the next to month I am in Copenhagen where I am an intern at “Danish fashion agency”. I work as a part time sales assistant in “Hugo boss”, where I have been for three years now. I recently got a new part time job, so from October I am going to be a sales assistant in By Malene Birger instead, which btw is one of my favorite Danish fashion brands. I am also blogging at www.nouw.com/lisasommerlund. My blog is about fashion, health and beauty. Besides from fashion, my passion is healthy food and I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen cooking.


How does your average Monday look like?

On an average Monday I wake up at 6 am, have a big cup of coffee and go to school. I get back home from school around 4 pm and then I usually either go to work or hang out with friends! On a weekday I try to go to bed early, because i have to get up so early, but before I do I am either blogging a bit or just relaxing by watching a series or something.


How do you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very simple and minimalistic. I love the mix of feminine and raw items, for example a pretty feminine dress with a raw leather jacket. Comfort is very important to me. It makes me feel more self secure when I feel comfortable in the clothes I am wearing.
Just as well as I love simplicity and black and white, I also love colors and prints. When I am wearing colors and prints I always keep the rest of the items very simple though.


How would you describe the style of a typical Scandi?

Minimalistic, simple and chic. I think the typical Scandi cares about comfort but wants to look stylish at the same time.


What's your favorite food and drink?

I just love food in general, and I practically eat everything. My favorite sort of food is Asian food though. I love how tasteful, healthy and fresh it is! I could seriously eat I all the time. My favorite drink is G&T, especially rosemary G&T.



What are your plans for the future?

First of all I am going to finish my education, I graduate next summer! Then I would love to either travel around for some moths or move abroad to work or do some courses. Otherwise my plans for the future are just to work a lot more with fashion, blogging and keep challenging myself. I really just try to live one day at a time and not to worry too much about the future. I always try to follow my heart and to live in the here and now.


What makes the Danes stand out?

The Danes stand out with their great style and their humor. I love the sarcastic Danish humor.


Where do we find you on a Sunday?

On a Sunday at daytime you will find me on a cozy café having brunch with friends or going for a long walk. At nighttime you will find me in the cinema or just at home having dinner while watching a movie.


See more of Lisa; www.nouw.com/lisasommerlund Instagram @lisasommerlund

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