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The Finnish Night Sky

The Finnish Night Sky


Amateur photographer Lassi Matero lives in Jyväskylä, Finland, and his stunning photography draws on the magic of the Finnish sky at night. Believe it or not, Lassi only started photography three years ago, but we think you'll agree that he has taken some spectacular images in that time!

"One ticket to Milky Way, please"  Location: Petäjävesi - September 2016

"One ticket to Milky Way, please" 
Location: Petäjävesi - September 2016

Lassi: "I would say autumn is my favourite season to photograph. Darkness arrives fast, we can see stars again and most of all, aurora season starts. You can say goodbye to a good night's sleep when hunting northern lights, but it's definitely worth it."

"Feeling small" Location: Suomussalmi - Christmas Eve 2014

"Feeling small"
Location: Suomussalmi - Christmas Eve 2014

 Lassi: "I just had bought a new lens for astrophotography so me and my sister went out to test it. The weather was freezing cold, about -25 degrees °C and I couldn't fix camera settings with my mittens on, so after 15 minutes I could barely feel my fingers anymore. This was the first time I tried to shoot Milky Way and it worked out pretty nice!"

"Aurora magic" Location: Leivonmäki National Park - August 2016

"Aurora magic"
Location: Leivonmäki National Park - August 2016

Lassi: "I looked up the weather forecast and it promised a bright night sky so I planned to go to shoot some stars. After work I drove to Leivonmäki National Park, absolutely one of my favourite place to take photos. There's no light pollution and the scenery is really beautiful. Once I got there my plans changed, I saw northern lights dancing in the sky. At first it was not that stunning, but after an hour and a half the sky just exploded for a minute. It was a great show to start this aurora season."

See more of Lassi Materos work on Instagram -@materophoto. 

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