A Norwegian Miracle

A Norwegian Miracle


Nordique is delighted to collaborate with Norwegian skincare company Marina Miracle, a producer of high quality, luxurious and organic skin are ranges.

We chatted with founder and director Marina Engervik, about the range, her inspirations and of course about beautiful Norway.


Who is behind Marina Miracle? Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I grew up in Båtsfjord, a small town in North Norway. I’m 28 years old and live with my husband in Oslo. We enjoy seeing the world together, and also hiking and skiing, making dinner with friends or just snuggle up in the couch with a big glass of red wine. I have always had a passion for skin care and cosmetics, that’s why I absolutely love my job!


What inspired you to start Marina Miracle?

I had severe skin problems and allergies due to using products with synthetic chemicals. I also have eczema and very sensitive skin. I tried all kinds of treatments, but nothing worked, so I created my own ‘medicine’. My skin healed and I started to make my product for friends and their skin also healed and they were so happy! The word spread and people started requesting ‘the miracle oil’. It got me thinking that I could help even more people with their skin if I started my own brand. Long story, short: I quit my job and started Marina Miracle.


Tell us more about your face oils that we have available at Nordique – how do these work? What is unique about these products?

These face oils are all 100% natural and made in Norway using EcoCert and Debio certified organic ingredients. The Herbal Face Oil and the Acne Fight Serum are both formulated with unique Scandinavian herbs, pure oils, vitamins and plant juices. They are both balancing to the skin and will give your skin deeper hydration in the most effective, but soothing way. The skin is refreshed and balanced with a healthy glow. The Herbal Face Oil is for those who have more dry – combination skin and the Acne Fight Serum is for oily skin.

Then there is the amazing Argan Night Serum. The night serum is actually both a serum and face oil because it has several active ingredients such as AHA fruit acids, vitamin B, C and E and juice from Aloe Vera. These active ingredients will exfoliate and even out the skin tone and at the same time help bring the oils from Apricot, Argan and Primrose deeper into the skin. The result is a super soft, hydrated skin with a fantastic glow!


How are you inspired by your surroundings in beautiful Norway? Tell us more about how these influence your products?

I love all the four seasons and the charm with each one. I love the winter because then I can go skiing in our beautiful mountains and in the summertime I can go hiking and camping in our mountains. It’s so much beautiful, amazing nature in Norway. When I am outdoors I get a feeling of peace and wellness. This is also the time when good ideas for new products, or my exciting products, suddenly enter my mind. Also, when I have such beautiful surroundings, all my product photos always turn out fantastic fairy tale-looking thanks to our landscapes and nature.


What is your favourite aspect of life in Scandinavia?

The beautiful nature and the fresh air. The cold winters that is lit up by northern lights and the long, sunny days in the summertime with the midnight sun. To see so many big waterfalls and fast rivers in the springtime.


As a proud Norwegian, what would be your top recommendations for a first time visitor to Norway?

Don’t waste all your time in the cities! We do have some great museums, art and food but that’s not unique. What are unique are the high mountains and the nature. Invest in some good hiking shoes, go hiking and make your vacation in Norway an adventure you’ll never forget.

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Finnish photographer Elina Simonen

Finnish photographer Elina Simonen

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