Danish model Ida

Danish model Ida


Ida Dyberg is from and based in Denmark but she travels the world working as a successful fashion model. She kindly took some time to answer a few questions from Nordique. Enjoy!


How did you start your career as a model? 

I was 14 when I started modeling. When I was a kid I used to do mini fashion shows for my parents and anyone else who I could force to watch me. I have always enjoyed acting and getting my picture taken so I felt modeling was the perfect match. I sent my headshots to Scoop Models and they signed me the next day.


Do you travel a lot through work?

I have been traveling a lot to New York for work. I’m usually away for a couple of months and then I return back home to Denmark. I have also travelled to Tokyo, London, Paris and Milan, but New York is by far my favorite city. There’s always something to do and countless of interesting people to meet.

Is there anyone you would love to work with?

There are definitely many photographers I would die to work with but the first who came to my mind while reading the question was Bruce Weber. His work is incredible. He can capture moments and feelings like no one else. Getting my picture taken by Bruce would be an absolute honor.


There are both positive and negative things said about the fashion industry. How do you think working as a model has affected you?

I have been working with adults since I was a young teenager and been traveling on my own. I believe it has matured me. It’s good to be completely on your own in a foreign country, you find out you’re more independent and mentally stronger than you could have ever imagined. You also grow a thick skin. There are so many opinions about your body, skin, hair, face etc. You learn that your body is just a tool. If a casting director doesn’t like your body, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or that you’re a bad person. This job has really given me some confidence and I am forever grateful of that. 


You're obviously beautiful! Can you please give us some of your top beauty tips? 

My skin is super sensitive so when I’m not working I’m very careful what I do to it. I love to use an instant hydrating mask from Beaute Pacifique three times a week and then I sleep with their vitamin A crème. My newest purchase is this amazing lip balm from Brooklyn Limegreen. It’s made from essential oils and smell like coconut. I sometimes apply a small amount into my hair if my curls are going crazy.


Can you give us any recommendations on where to go and what to see when visiting Denmark?

I would recommend going to Tivoli. It’s a famous amusement park and its beautiful no matter season. I love going there during December. It’s a fantasy world and perfect for a romantic date. Nyhavn in Copenhagen is amazing during summer days-and nights. You can sit on one of the countless cafes and enjoy a cold glass of white wine.


What do you do and where do you hang out when you're not working?

While living in New York I enjoyed spending time in their museums like Moma, the Metropolitan and going to private art galleries. It’s a cool thing to do if you’re waiting around for a casting or just want to clear your head with some art. I also enjoy horror movies. Me and one of my friends go to the movies almost every week to watch these scary movies. It’s difficult to find people who loves horror movies as much as I do, haha. I also love to draw. I sometimes isolate myself for hours so I can just get in to my drawings and the creative process. It’s amazing on stressful days and it really helps me relax.



If you want to see more of Ida then follow her on instagram @ida_dyberg or check out more of her work at http://scoopmodels.com/models/special-arrangement/ida-d-1/

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