Black and white photography

Black and white photography


Meet Visual manager Susanne from Stockholm. She takes some impressive black and white photography and has kindly shared some of her work with us at Nordique.


How and when did you find your talent for photography?

Early in elementary school. Shooting analogue and developing in darkroom. I think I early saw that I have a love for details and catching moments and always the light. 


What inspires you?

Very much the light in contrast to the dark, but also every day beauty in every small detail.

You work mainly with black and white photography, why is that?

Maybe it sounds weird, but I think the colours become more intense and beautiful in bnw. Also we already know the world is in colour…


What is your favorite piece of work up to date, and why?

This is very hard to choose, I just move on and every day I find something new I love the most, but I really like my tree shots from visby Gotland and also the silhouette shots in different environments.


Is there anything you wish you had done differently?


How would you describe Sweden?

Calm, clean, beautiful, responsible, solidarity


What are your best Nordic recommendations?

Island of Gotland, Lapland and the Swedish “alps”, the high coast and also the farmhouses in Hälsingland.


Where can we find you around Sunday noon?

Visiting galleries or museum, at the movies or taking an afternoon coffee with friends or family


Want to see more of Susanne? Follow her on Instagram @skraften or find her work on  

Stay cool and eco-friendly this summer!

Stay cool and eco-friendly this summer!

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Hello SideRoot!